November 2007, Deer Culling – A Critical Tool for Conserving Local Habitat Diversity: A Green Paper by the Bird Conservation Network

From 2007, but still very relevant

BCN is a coalition of 18 groups and organizations, representing many thousands of people who live throughout the Chicago region. Our members enjoy and value birds and the natural landscapes where we find them. Our coalition advocates and promotes the perpetuation and appreciation of the native bird species of the Chicago region, both resident and migratory. To achieve this purpose, we are not only advocates for the birds; we also strive to protect/enhance the habitats and ecosystems used by birds. BCN actively initiates, assists, and supports programs that seek to protect our native birds and the habitats they depend upon, and studies their interrelationships within the various habitats that occur within the Chicago region. I n this role, BCN partners with many of the major land managers throughout the Chicago area.
We offer this paper (1) to outline our concerns that habitat within forest preserves and other natural areas in the region are being adversely affected by widespread overpopulation of white-tailed deer, and (2) to recommend ongoing proactive efforts to reduce this deer overpopulation.

This paper can be found at

Other aspects of the danger of deer to birds can be found on our website at


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