The idyllic deer in NE Ann Arbor

June 7, 2016
1:35 pm
Yes, I know this is outside the Ann Arbor city limits, but just…

A few cars in front of me a deer (doe) was hit by a truck. The deer was crossing Plymouth going north. It was hit by a small truck heading east (which later stopped, blocking one lane). The deer was thrown two lanes north into the far right lane (going west) on Plymouth Rd, in front of another car which just managed to stop (and another car after that). When I passed the deer it was down on the ground, head and neck on the road, but the legs were still kicking. One lane in each direction on Plymouth Rd, were blocked.

I did not look to see what damage happened on the truck, nor did I stop to take a picture or video of the downed deer. The driver of the truck was getting out as I passed by, so assuming he was okay.

Didn’t see any fawns near by.

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