Only 50 deer accidents in all of 2013?

deadfawnI just got finished reading the article in MLive today on “Ann Arbor deer population topic of Dec. 10 public meeting at Huron High”

Couldn’t help but noticing the headline for a related story–“Oh, deer: 50 car crashes caused by Ann Arbor herd in 2013”.

Since I have seen 3 dead deer in the last two months within 3 blocks of my home near the corner of Green Rd and Glacier, I don’t understand how there could only have been 50 deer hit during the whole of 2013 in all of Ann Arbor.

Maybe there is another definition of a car crash or of what constitutes the Ann Arbor herd??
Has to be under-reported.

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  1. Vivienne Armentrout

    I don’t actually know who is actually removing the carcasses, but it may be people who are alert to road kill as a source of extra venison. I know that when my husband had an accident on Pontiac Trail a couple of years ago, the first question several people asked him was “where was the deer- what happened to the deer”? (His car was damaged by a deer jumping into it from the side of the road.)

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