I don’t believe this count is reliable info

From mary h

hi….I am reporting a siting of a sizeable group of deer.
I live on Arlington blvd in ann arbor.
there are 6-8 that “live” in the trees on the property across the street from me, bob metcalf’s home. they blend in with the trees and are barely visible from his windows….let alone from the air!!!

I don’t believe this count is reliable info…a woman down the street on devonshire sited 18!!! in her front yard this spring.
I have lots of big beautiful (at least used to be!!) flower beds on my property and most of the blooming plants have been devastated. the deer even eat out of my flower pots on my deck!! and drain the birdfeeders too. this problem has gotten out of control…I have lived on this property for nearly 30 years. please HELP!