Deer Accident on M14

I took out a deer on M14 by Barton Dr tonight. I hit the buck first (swerved and clipped his rear), then he took out the radiator of the semi behind me, then he jumped up and another semi finished him.

I called my wife and we tossed him in the back of the van. Now I need to get him cut up. Any recommendations?

Nov 15, 2015

Starvation winter diet?

Up north deer tend to gather in White Cedar swamps in the hard parts of Winter — where they can try to get some water and where they have browse overhead to eat. Up there, it is certain that Winters limit their numbers.

It was truly astonishing to see that deer heavily consumed the last remaining conifer shrubs (Junipers) last Winter in Barton Hills — many of which are/were many decades old. They had never eaten them before, and it must have been very difficult for them to do. Unprotected yews and all other small conifers were gone out there years ago.

I would estimate the replacement cost for Juniper plants I know about out there to be in the tens of thousands of dollars — and what, exactly, do we use in their place that is evergreen? I guess we are limited now to Boxwood — but many Boxwood cultivars had a hard time with the cold, last Winter, also.

All of this is just a dismal feeling for someone like me who loves and builds and cares for gardens for people.