Deer Sightings in SoPac Area

Just an FYI that the postings on our neighborhood blog have escalated. A doe was in our yard at dusk last night, and probably the same one on Pattengill school yard in the afternoon was seen by Ann Marie and chased by a little dog.
A doe gave birth to a fawn at someone’s house on Independence and deer have been spotted in yards at Ferdon and Brockman and in the road at night.
Burns Park is reporting sightings daily and garden destruction including food crops is rising.
Ward 3 is joining Wards 1 and 2 in its quest for culling in general. If the Humane Society is fighting this, then let them get their butts in gear and collect the deer.

Deer Sightings– Ward 3

from Burns Park

I am writing to report deer scat found in my back yard on Olivia Ave. today 4/11/2015 just 1/2 block north of Burns Park. Last year we had deer in our yard who ate our whole vegetable garden and probably 30 hostas right down to the root. The deer would walk right down the sidewalk and over the fence! I am sad to say we may not plant a vegetable garden this year if deer are already feeding in our yard – it is too bad since the growing experience is so exciting to involve my children in! Last year my boys were so disappointed our gardening efforts were foiled by deer, and it is not worth the time and $$$ if there is no solution to the obvious deer problem in town. It is sad to see deer walking down the sidewalks in the downtown neighborhoods – they must be frightened, and it cannot be healthy for the deer. I support culling and hope to see this situation resolved! Thank you,


Re: Deer Management Plan for Ann Arbor

From: Lumm, Jane
Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2014 5:01 PM
To: ‘[email protected]
Cc: Powers, Steve; Bahl, Sumedh; ‘Robert Tetens’; ‘Robert Grese’; ‘Robert Marans’; Kosteve, Jim; ‘[email protected]’; Hieftje, John; Kailasapathy, Sumi; Briere, Sabra; Petersen, Sally; Taylor, Christopher (Council); Kunselman, Stephen; Teall, Margie; Eaton, Jack; Warpehoski, Chuck; Anglin, Mike
Subject: RE: Washtenaw Citizens for Ecological Balance

Dear Washtenaw Citizens for Ecological Balance members,

Thank you for your thoughtful and timely outreach on the City’s pending deer management plan. I sincerely appreciate all the well-researched information, scientific data and knowledge that your organization brings to the deer overpopulation and management issue. Like so many in our community, I have learned a great deal about other communities’ best deer management practices from the WC4EB website, and would commend it as a great resource to anyone interested in this topic. You have certainly done your homework and are helping to educate us all on this important topic!

The issues and concerns you raise – the ecological damage and toll on landscaped and natural environments, and the related health and safety issues (e.g., vehicle/deer crashes, Lyme disease transmission) – are concerns that have been brought to my and city council’s attention by many of our residents. There now is not a day that goes by where I don’t receive a constituent call or request regarding the deer overpopulation problem. The shared observation is that the deer population is out-of-control, that our environment and safety demand a management solution, and that the failure to address the overabundance of deer in the city is not acceptable. As you so correctly note, and for the many good reasons you cite, our residents are eager for the City to provide them an actionable deer management plan. Expectations are high, and I am confident our City Administrator, in conjunction with the MDNR and other interested and relevant public organizations, will deliver a plan and options that will effectively lead to the reduction in the deer herds traversing our neighborhoods and streets. Other communities have and are successfully addressing the urban deer overpopulation problem, and I am confident Ann Arbor can as well. Your offer of assistance in this regard is greatly appreciated.

I am copying the Mayor and Council and our partners in this undertaking for their information and follow-up should anyone want to take you up on your generous offer to meet to discuss further. I am interested in meeting with you, and would invite anyone to join in the conversation.

With my respect and sincere thanks for your expertise, advocacy, and generous offer of assistance,

Jane Lumm

A2 Neighbor

Ward 4

I do hope something can be done. I am over by the Burns Park school and we had never seen deer in the neighborhood before this summer. I had one who came to eat my garden about twice a day for three weeks. 15 years of work and money that I did not anticipate I was doing for a deer’s buffet.

Not to mention that, finding a deer suddenly and unexpectedly in front of your car, as you are traveling at 45 mph, can mean it’s “lights out” on your life.

M.H., Burns Park resident