Deer herd in Glacier Highlands area

I have about a 1/3 acre lot in Glacier Highlands.

This video was taken in March.

This video shows the largest herd that I captured on film. I do have others of smaller groupings

The threatening buck on the continuing MLive stories also comes from one of my pictures taken of deer grazing and passing through my yard.

Large buck in yard in Glacier Highlands, NE Ann Arbor

Large buck in yard in Glacier Highlands, NE Ann Arbor

First fawn sighting of 2015

I got notice of my first “confirmed” fawn sighting near North Campus and the VA yesterday– a pair.

I would have thought it was early, but on questioning my source, who is an engineer, who said that he did not see spots (distance), but the mother was 4 times bigger than the babies, I believe him. This was on April 4th.

Here are two pictures, the first one is of my yard this morning with 6 of the 9+ deer in the yard gathered to eat in my garden.
The second picture was taken last year, just about in the exact spot. You can see the very young fawn in the front, with Mom in the rear of the Allium and Peony which are well ahead of what they are this year, so I think this picture was taken early to mid-May. I’m guessing this year’s Mom was impregnated very early last fall.

Also note the deer in the first picture with the large pale spot on her back. This is the second time I have seen this deer.
I would love to get information from others who also see her; curious to know the range of her travels.

I am now tracking fawn sightings, as well as continuing to track deer accidents on a new map at If you see dead deer on the roads or fawns, please contact me at [email protected]

Too much is too much

I live in NE Ann Arbor, south of Plymouth Rd, and have since 1980.
Deer have been around my house for the last few years– devasting any plantings that I have, trees and shrubs that existed when I moved in. I’m going to post some pictures of my “old garden” and the deer that have been in my yard over the years


If you look carefully at this picture taken 4 years ago, you can see my arborvitae in the background, creating a full screen, blocking my view of the neighbor’s yard.

This is my arborvitae "hedge" now

This is my arborvitae “hedge” now

Deer in my yard last winter.  We have had herds as large as 18 deer go through at once.

Deer in my yard last winter. We have had herds as large as 18 deer go through at once.

test P0000045
Leaving some scat behind as a "thanks" for me.

Leaving some scat behind as a “thanks” for me.

P0000009 (2)

Buck in my backyard, 2013


Buck in my yard early December, 2015

P1240875 P0000117 (2)
A few years back-- notice the full hedge of arborvitae

A few years back– notice the full hedge of arborvitae


What used to be…


Now, what’s left of the arborvitae

Not even on my deck is it safe!

Not even on my deck is it safe!


Only 50 deer accidents in all of 2013?

deadfawnI just got finished reading the article in MLive today on “Ann Arbor deer population topic of Dec. 10 public meeting at Huron High”

Couldn’t help but noticing the headline for a related story–“Oh, deer: 50 car crashes caused by Ann Arbor herd in 2013”.

Since I have seen 3 dead deer in the last two months within 3 blocks of my home near the corner of Green Rd and Glacier, I don’t understand how there could only have been 50 deer hit during the whole of 2013 in all of Ann Arbor.

Maybe there is another definition of a car crash or of what constitutes the Ann Arbor herd??
Has to be under-reported.

#A2manydeer #wc4eb

Doe came visiting this morning

Ward 2

9:00 am
She was on her own, no other deer with her today, or at least so far today.

Send us your pictures of deer– dead or alive!

Deer browse

Ward 2

P0000011As we were going out last night to go to dinner and see some of the beautiful color around, we didn’t get too far before running across this grouping – 4 deer, at least to begin with, at the corner of Green and Hubbard. This was just a few blocks from my home.


P0000004This morning it looks, this is what I woke up to on my deck. It looks like that grouping, or some close relatives, visited during the night.

See that black hose by the flower pots? Its connected to a motion sensor that squirts when it detects something moving. Too bad it must have been pointed in the wrong direction. Hard to anticipate where the deer will be coming from.

We’ve had some similar, but smaller damage over the summer– but was kind of hoping it was just a bad wind day. I don’t see that as a possiblity this time.

No deer in Ann Arbor? Really…

This last week I saw deer over by Pattingill School, corner of Crestland and St. Francis.
This was around 6:30 pm. Surprisingly, just a block away were people outside, chatting and one with a dog on a leash.
This is in Ward 4

On the way to a WC4WB meeting, I ran into two does who were casually crossing Bardstown, Ward 2
And I mean casually– no rush; and my car was right there! I was late for the meeting because I waited on them.
Around 7:00 pm

On the way back from an outing at WCC last night– again two does on Earhart Rd.
It was around 10:30 pm
Ward 2

Where are you seeing deer?

Deer injured or killed on Green Rd, Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, MI
Ward 2
Zip: 48105

Yesterday I was informed of a deer that was dead on the side of Green Rd near Glazier, about a block from my home. Within 15 minutes I was out of my house to document the accident. My husband and I walked up and down the area looking for this dead deer that was supposed to be just up a grassy slope on someone’s property, on Green. No deer to be found.

P0000727However, we did see this area on the sidewalk with large pools of blood. We also saw an indentation on the mulched area of the lawn where we assumed the deer had landed or layed down. Couldn’t believe the city was so fast in cleaning up a dead deer.

On closer examination, I saw a number of hoof prints, which could have been made earlier before the accident, but maybe showed that the deer was not really dead and had managed to wander off, in close proximity to my home, injured.