Deer Attack– Scio Township

We want to be informed, and agree that there needs to be something done about the deer population. We live in Scio Township,1-1/2 acres. We had a herd of deer, numbering 18 last winter. They seem to live in our yard. We currently have six, but expect the large population to return this winter. There are four new fawns.

I too was almost attacked by a mother deer, my grandchildren came to my aid. ( I was sitting in a chair reading) I feel I should be able to enjoy my yard and not worry about deer attacking me!!!!!

I realize there are people who love deer, they are beautiful. We have a neighbor who feeds them,but since DNR allows the feeding of deer nothing can be done. She is a renter and doesn’t take care of the property. Deer poop is disgusting. Ticks are a problem.

I truly hope that something can be accomplished to control the deer population.

Come on people, think of the future.

Wanda Heinrich