First fawn sighting of 2015

I got notice of my first “confirmed” fawn sighting near North Campus and the VA yesterday– a pair.

I would have thought it was early, but on questioning my source, who is an engineer, who said that he did not see spots (distance), but the mother was 4 times bigger than the babies, I believe him. This was on April 4th.

Here are two pictures, the first one is of my yard this morning with 6 of the 9+ deer in the yard gathered to eat in my garden.
The second picture was taken last year, just about in the exact spot. You can see the very young fawn in the front, with Mom in the rear of the Allium and Peony which are well ahead of what they are this year, so I think this picture was taken early to mid-May. I’m guessing this year’s Mom was impregnated very early last fall.

Also note the deer in the first picture with the large pale spot on her back. This is the second time I have seen this deer.
I would love to get information from others who also see her; curious to know the range of her travels.

I am now tracking fawn sightings, as well as continuing to track deer accidents on a new map at If you see dead deer on the roads or fawns, please contact me at [email protected]

The trample, they dig, and they poop

From a neighbor in Ward 2
April 1, 2015

I have 5 now adult deer making my back yard there home.
I resent having deer droppings… and possible deer ticks when I have my grandchildren play in my backyard.
All of my yews are gone… 5… 2 of them over 5o years old and 9 feet tall. They tample they dig and they poop

New deer tracking

I had said that we would track where the deer were during February and March, and I think we accomplished this — for at least the Neighborhoods in my network of “Nextdoor” neighbors. You can see that the deer are heavily present in Ward 1 and 2, though there are some cropping up around the city. I was very careful not to enter areas where I had seen deer in the past (like on the corner of Crestlawn and St. Francis), but not during this time period, and I did not enter records sent me from people who said they had seen them in certain places “in the past”.

On the map, I also indicated where deer accidents and deaths occurred and where a coyote was sited.

I would like to create another map now that continues to track these deer incidents AND lets us see where and when the fawns show up.

So, unless you live outside Ward 1 and 2– please no more deer sightings– with the exception of accidents.
BUT everyone– love to see where and how many fawns you see.
Thanks for your help.

Deer Sightings

Judy C. from Ann Arbor Hills 7h ago

A deer ran across Bedford Rd a few days ago only a few feet in front of my car. Fortunately I was driving extra slowly or we would have been on a collision course. Also, 6 deer regularly bed down between some trees in my yard. It occurred to me that it would be easier to cull them when they are sleeping or at rest. Maybe not as sporting but probably more humane and certainly easier. It gives access to groups of them instead of finding them one at a time randomly.

Carey S. from Ann Arbor Hills 3h ago

A group of 6-7 passed through out backyard (Bedford Rd) and into the woods shared by several neighbors’ on Sheridan. This is regular occurrence; I would say I spot some group of deer 3-4 times per week. This is clearly safe passage way for them, they come very near house and eat whatever is available.

Mike M. from Water Hill 2h ago

Judy wrote, “6 deer regularly bed down between some trees in my yard. It occurred to me that it would be easier to cull them when they are sleeping or at rest.”

Makes sense to me too, Judy. There is a family that beds down in backyards behind/south of the 600 block of Sunset. (have pics) Was amazed that for the aerial count most of the deer were in parks/wooded nature areas (and not in residential where they chomp away before/after?)….but that makes sense because in the morning you see them move from their resting/sleeping area, and then in the evening they return. And before the snow melted you can find their hoof paths to easily track movements between overnight resting and daytime deer play areas!

Deer Sightings, Ward 2

Yesterday, my neighbor came over complaining about the deer as well as a few other political games going on with the state.
She said, the day before, we had a herd of 9 deer, all clustered together in my front yard, eating in my front garden. And when I looked, sure enough, the first sprouts of my lilies are chomped down. Didn’t seem to touch the snowdrops or the starting Coltsfoot.

I told her we often see deer in her backyard. She concurred. Said this year they have even eaten her yucca. She said she is not going to plant anything in her back rock garden (which was lovely) this year, or anywhere else in her yard. She says she is going to go before the city’s Assessor’s Office and argue that she is loosing property value due to the deers and that her taxes should be lowered accordingly. I mentioned that we had been thinking the same thing.

She noted that the curb appeal of our homes are diminished, and that we will have more problem selling our houses, should we want to.

Yesterday evening we had a herd of 6 deer in our yards.
It was dusk, so the video is not great, but here they are; six of them in my neighbor’s yard and mine.

Deer Sightings

I have had three encounters with deer today, March 24, all within the bounds of Washtenaw, Geddes and Arlington. The roving band of 6 large deer was first encountered near Arlington & Aberdeen about 8:15-8:20 Am, a usual time to encounter them in this location. Second, midday, along Devonshire between Arlington and Londonderry, And Third, at dusk near Heatherway and Glendaloch. Each time they moved through yards eating and trampling, and crossed busy streets impeding traffic, This means they didn’t range far in the course of the day. There are several obvious places in this area they have bedded down, and the excrement is only one clue.

– Martine P.

BTW– that dead deer in the driveway off Washtenaw, east of Sheridan (in Ann Arbor Hills) is still there! Almost 2 weeks later.
Glad it was too cold to have my window rolled down. Don’t think I want a whiff of that.

– admin

A jail for deer???

This morning a herd of 6 trespassers passed thru my yard at about 8:45AM. I need the trespassers arrested and put in jail. We need a jail of about 1 sq-mile with a 12 ft high fence, that is 640 acres. If we collect our trespassing deer and put them in the jail, then in time they will die of natural causes.

deer-autoshopLooking at the first aerial survey map I count 58 deer for Ward 2. Some of that count is slightly outside the border, but close enough that they should be considered part of ward 2. The total land area of Ann Arbor is 27.83 sq-miles, round this to 28. Ward 2 is a large ward based on land area so I will estimate its size at 7 sq-miles. This results in 58/7 = 8.3 deer per sq-mile. Our actual density is probably quite a bit greater.

My count from the map for Ward 1 was 28, and Ward 3 was 19.

Clearly the deer population in A2 has the greatest affect on ward 2. Outside the city there is a big cluster north of Ward 5, but not on the first map.

Yesterday during our walk around the block, about 5/8 to 3/4 mile, we met a neighbor from about a block and a half away. She lives on Hawthorne and has lived there for 20 years, we have lived at our location for 48 years and within the neighborhood for 56 years. Her perspective on when the deer problem started is better than mine because her arrival time in the area is much closer to when the problem started. She said there was no deer problem when she and her husband moved in about 1995. Her estimate would make circa 2005 the problem beginning time.

Too much emphasis is being placed on deer count per sq-mile, and doing deer counts, rather than on deer damage.

We have to reduce the deer population in the city to virtually 0 to reduce damage. There should be no limit on how fast this can done, and there should be no season limit. Culling should start immediately as it should have years ago when the problem was much smaller.

The criteria should be no deer sightings and no damage.

I don’t believe this count is reliable info

From mary h

hi….I am reporting a siting of a sizeable group of deer.
I live on Arlington blvd in ann arbor.
there are 6-8 that “live” in the trees on the property across the street from me, bob metcalf’s home. they blend in with the trees and are barely visible from his windows….let alone from the air!!!

I don’t believe this count is reliable info…a woman down the street on devonshire sited 18!!! in her front yard this spring.
I have lots of big beautiful (at least used to be!!) flower beds on my property and most of the blooming plants have been devastated. the deer even eat out of my flower pots on my deck!! and drain the birdfeeders too. this problem has gotten out of control…I have lived on this property for nearly 30 years. please HELP!

City Releases Aerial Deer Survey Results

City Releases Aerial Deer Survey Results

March 17, 2015 – ​The City of Ann Arbor completed two aerial surveys of the deer population on February 10 and March 6. The first survey counted 116 deer and the second survey counted 168. Both aerial deer survey results, specific counts and survey area maps are available to download via the Deer Management Project website at

The aerial surveys were conducted by a three-person crew of city staff who visually counted deer via helicopter. The first aerial flyover included all areas of the city, except the downtown near hospitals and the Arboretum, while the second survey included the entire city, including downtown and the Arboretum.

Deer survey map: Feb 10, 2015 and March 6, 2015. Findings were consistent between the two surveys, which indicate the majority of deer in Ann Arbor are largely located in Wards 1 and 2. The population concentration of deer in Wards 1 and 2 also is corroborated by A2 Open City Hall survey results, resident public comments during two public meetings and numerous resident emails and photos submitted to city staff noting an increase in deer sightings and garden and property damage.

In addition to consulting with the Michigan Department of Natural Resource staff about the flyover results, city staff will use a variety of data to assist in the development of deer management plan options for City Council consideration at the end of April, including aerial deer counts, A2 Open City Hall survey results, public meeting comments and other feedback received directly from residents.

Dead deer– and the weather is warming up

Last week, I saw a dead deer in one of the driveways on Washtenaw Ave, just east of Sheridan.

Later on that day, I passed by again and noticed the deer had been pulled, out of the driveway, and further into the yard, on the left of the driveway.

Since I know that the city picks up deer carcasses only on city property, I was wondering what would happen.

Drove by again, and didn’t see it, so I figured I either missed the right driveway, or it was gone.

Today– heading west on Washtenaw, I noticed the deer again. Had to be the same one. To the left of the driveway.

Problem– it is getting warmer! Pretty soon we’ll be smelling it as well as seeing it.