Buck Scrape– destroying new trees

Getting a lot of new information and pictures from Ann Arborites

The deer are still coming through the yard on a daily basis, even though we don’t always see them. I’ve attached a “buck scrape” photo, where the 10-point buck is still attempting to remove his antlers, and photos of fresh tracks in those shaded areas where we stil have snow. Fresh tracks are also showing in the mud.

We deserve, as does everyone else experiencing the deer invasion, a solution

From Barbara S., Ward 2

Here I go again. This morning I was having breakfast by myself, while 7 deer were having breakfast together in my back yard. I wish I could have sent a picture. Those that weren’t eating were lying down, as they probably were full.

I cannot tell you how angry and frustrated I am. I have lived in this house for 17 years, and have enjoyed the house, neighborhood, and the beauty of my yard with a wonderful wooded area behind it. I cannot say that is true any more. I have put hundreds of dollars into “Liquid Fence” and thousands of dollars into plantings. I felt great pride in what I accomplished as a single person living in Ann Arbor Hills. That is no longer true, and hasn’t been now for many years.

The deer population has increased by leaps and bounds, and the lovely green area around my house has decreased. It is a daily occurrence, and I am sick and tired of action not being taken and only talked about. Unfortunately, this year I will not invest in plantings, and certainly will miss looking at what I have enjoyed most about the spring and summer months. My bird feeders have been knocked down, and they are brazen enough now to even come on my deck. I didn’t get a dog as I did not want the responsibility of cleaning up after it. Can you imagine what a herd of deer are doing in my yard!!!!!!!

I don’t want to continue sending messages to you, you know the problem now and where I live. I feel very helpless and would like some feedback as to when action will be taken, and taken in this area. This neighborhood is made up of very expensive homes and taxes. We deserve, as does everyone else experiencing the deer invasion, a solution, and SOON.

NE Ann Arbor, March 8, 2015

Deer Sightings in my yard

I believe we had two herds of deer come through my yard this morning, Ward 2, NE side of Ann Arbor, off Green Rd.

At around 8:00 (DST) my husband saw about 10 of the deer, sleeping in our yard and our neighbor’s. Instead of his usual getting out the pan covers and clanging them together to scare the deer, this time, first, he grabbed my camera and took some pictures. They got up when he opened the sliding glass door, so they are in the process of moving toward Green Rd in his pictures.

Then about a 45 minutes later, another herd came through. I say another herd, because they were coming again from the east heading west, and my husband said the first batch seemed to be lead by a doe with a problem with her front leg, and we saw no evidence of an injured animal in this herd.

Sorry, the video is sideways, but I got close enough and the light was good enough, that its pretty clear what you are seeing.

7+ deer in my yard this morning

I woke up, looked out a back window and saw a good sized herd of deer in my backyard.
I ran downstairs to get my camera and pull up the shade, which spooked a few.
Here is the video of them– a little further back since they saw the shade go up.

Here are some of the pictures I took. Most of them exited towards Green Rd through the neighbor’s yard behind mine.

Deer at Argo Dam and around the city

Looking at this video, that Ryan Stanton posted on his MLive report, I was reminded of this post I put on my facebook page.

Its a little dated (Jan 2015), but the jist of it is right.

Doesn’t this look lovely?

Now picture these does in your yard.

Imagine them eating every plant in site– annuals and perennials.

Imaging them crapping all over your yard.

Imagine the buck coming to herd them– 10points easy, big and dangerous. You will discover quickly that he is not afraid of you.

You have a fence you say– probably won’t protect you unless its electric or at least 10ft tall. Your neighborhood association doesn’t allow fences– oh well, too bad for you and your property value. Wait, that’s right, Ann Arbor doesn’t allow fencing that high either- and would we want it– really!?.

Imagine them running out into the street and being hit by a car– and them limping back onto your property to die– call Critter Control– that’s $300-$500 to remove the carcass from private property.

Imagine them running into your car– yes they will play chicken with cars driving on the road– its happened to me– a very near miss. And sometimes they do just decide to cross the road, or highway, inconveniently at the same time you are driving by. Imagine the horror, the damage to the car, the injuries, the death that could result to you or your children.

The chances of your being negatively impacted by deer this year is rising, with their numbers- almost doubling each year.

When we moved to Ann Arbor in 1972, they were almost non-existant; now they are everywhere in this area. My yard seems to be a throughfare for them– and it shows. If you look, the issue of deer numbers and destruction has been brought up to city and county officials for the last 10+ yrs–and no one wanted to touch it- hot potato! We are now seeing and feeling the results of that inattentiveness (for lack of a better word).

The second deer management public meeting discussion is scheduled on Thursday, February 5 at 7 p.m. at Slausen Middle School in Ann Arbor. The meeting agenda will include a review of the survey highlights, a Q&A with a staff member from the City of Rochester Hills regarding their experience implementing a “nonlethal” deer management plan and a deer cull management presentation from members of the Washtenaw Citizens for Ecological Balance- WC4EB.org. If you have a problem with deer, make yourself heard– attend the meeting; speak out if they are allowing public input. Send me stories and pictures of deer and damage to your property, and I will get them posted [on our deer map- https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zqP892aDZoZ8.kUn-_1mCtRr4].

Hillary H.
[email protected]

I am disgusted

Today is Thursday, March 5, and I am sitting at my computer looking out the window facing my back yard, and am watching 4 very large deer eat their way through my yard as usual. This is a daily occurance, and I have seen as many as 7 deer destroying my shrubs, plants sticking above the ground, and those that they have dug up with their hoofs on the lawn and in the gardens. Because of the snow, it is sad, and I am dismayed to see how close to my house they have come. There are even prints on my back deck. I have a wooded back, which I enjoyed for many years, along with all the plantings I have put in to make my home lovely. It was charming to see a “Bambi” many years back, but now I am disgusted that the city has let this “many Bambi” situation get out of hand. I could send in one of these reports to you everyday, and maybe I will now that I have your address.

-Barbara S.

The future is here– Droning on!

A2 deer by drone – March 2, 2015

I was up over a few areas yesterday. First spot was Onondaga, between Geddes and Hill. I had noticed many thousands of deer tracks there in the snow, then saw four deer in a backyard bedded down. Up I went and….I couldn’t see any deer. They were under dense pines and shrubs, or elsewhere. The tracks tell quite a story though, being a life long hunter with over 40 years experience I have to say I’m shocked at the sheer amount of “sign” left by deer in the snow and the damage to vegetation I observed. If I saw these signs in my hunting woods, I’d be jumping for joy knowing I would fill my freezer fast with venison!

Second area, Off Glazier Way on Wolverhampton Ln. Again, no deer to be seen anywhere. Tracks by the tens of thousands, very heavy deer trails in almost every wooded area and lawn I flew over.

Third area, just west of the above spot, across Huron Parkway in the north end of Arborcrest Memorial Park grounds. There were deer (does) standing all around, 6 or 7 scattered about. Going up and just over the treetops I could only see some of them, they simply disappear under the pines. Again, the tracks tell the story, the place is overrun and most shrubs are decimated by browsing.

Unfortunately it appears the only accurate way to do this from drone, or aircraft, is with FLIR. Which is what I thought, as that’s how the “pro’s” do it. I will try again soon in different lighting, at a different time of day. Overcast yet not too dark, is what may work the best. Looking back at past photo’s and video’s I see subdued lighting seems to provide the best contrast for picking them out of the snow. Still, FLIR is really the only way to get actual numbers.

What may be helpful to me is, if I knew exactly where they are, where they “yard up” together. If you have information from homeowners as to where those areas may be, let me know!

I’ve attached some photos taken from the video and have arrows pointing out what deer I did see. Some of these photos show the heavy prints in the snow in yards.

All for now!
[email protected]

Hissing and stomping their hooves

We are on Navarre Circle and we have 5-8 deer several times a day. Every yew and evergreen we and neighbors have are bare branches now–they have been eaten to nubs. Yesterday they were hissing and stomping their hooves at me! I’ve never heard a deer hiss before, and it was the first time I saw them dancing on their hind legs to reach higher up on an evergreen bush!

Response from Deer Mapping request

I hope it’s not too late and I don’t know why I haven’t done it sooner ( guess I’ve just thrown up my hands about the subject getting fixed in my lifetime)
But there are Always deer in my yard….. Usually three or four….. But last evening at around 7pm there were at least TEN …..!, There were three large ones resting in my garden beds this morning at 7 am…..

I live in Ann Arbor Hills. And they have pretty much chomped down a lot of the evergreens , all things green in the area around my house ……..one neighbor saw around 12 on Dorset one morning around 4 am…… Maybe your mapping will help get something done…….hope so!