The new season is starting

Ward 2

There was a doe walking in our yard, just behind one of our gardens last week. I took a picture or two then my husband went out to shoo the deer away, as we usually do. The doe left our yard, after a bit of encouragement.

According to UM George Reserve Study, this fawn will conservatively represent 40 deer in 5 years

According to UM George Reserve Study, this fawn will conservatively represent 52 deer in 5 years

My husband came into the house and said there was a baby in the yard. I went out looking and didn’t see anything. No, he said, in the garden. And so it was– right there in the garden. We didn’t know how young it was, but it just lay there, not moving, and in spite of the fact I was almost in its face– I think it was hoping we didn’t see it.

After a few pictures, we left it alone. We went out a few times during the late afternoon and early evening to check on it. Thought it had left, but found that it had moved and was now ensconced under our peony tree.

P0000119 (2)Later, when I looked at my camera, I saw that Mom and baby were both standing just before my husband ran out to scare the doe off. Hadn’t seen the baby before.

Thought about the fawn, what it would grow up to, my garden and my inability to grow most things because of deer damage. The fact that the deer have stripped the trees and bushes behind the garden so I now have lost my privacy, and all the deer waste that is scattered over my yard. I thought I should do something now about this baby– but I couldn’t. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t support an initiative to cull the herd– starting with the 16 or so that run though my yard regularly and decrease my enjoyment of my property.