From a neighbor in Ward 3

August 26, 2015 Two does in forested area behind 2040 Columbia

August 27, 2015 Three deer (one buck, two does) in back yard of 2040 Columbia

August 28, 2015 One deer in forested area behind 2030 Columbia

August 30, 2015 Two deer in forested area behind 2030 Columbia

September 2, 2015 Two does and a faun in forested area behind 2040 Columbia

September 5, 2015 Two does in back yard of 2040 Columbia

September 6, 2015 Three deer (one buck, two does) in back yard of 2040 Columbia

September 7, 2015 Two deer in forested area behind 2040 Columbia (could not determine if does or bucks)

September 8, 2015 Three does, and possibly a faun, in forested area behind 2040 Columbia

September 11, 2015 Two does in back yard of 2040 Columbia

September 14, 2015 Three deer in forested area behind 2030 Columbia

[No sightings for two weeks, possibly because of fox sighted in the area]

September 29, 2015 Four deer (three does and a faun) in forested area behind 2040 Columbia and running along Gladstone Street.

Deer excrement has become a problem for neighbors on Columbia Street.

Deer browsing (despite repellent sprays) evident on hostas, tomatoes, okra, and burning bushes at 2040 Columbia.

I will soon be putting up some maps, where people can let me know about deer sightings and deer vehicle accidents

From Ward 3

Even in my area, Ward 3, which supposedly has few deer, the damage to the environment by deer has become serious over the past two years.
In particular:

  • Deer are eating not just decorative plants but also food crops in gardens. On my city lot, I have large vegetable and herb gardens that have been damaged.
  • Deer are destroying native-plant rain gardens mandated by the city for storm water management. I have three rain gardens that have been damaged.
  • Deer are killing trees by removing bark in winter. Trees absorb storm water and provide summer shade. I have had trees damaged and now must keep the trunks wrapped in fencing.
  • I have found that deer repellents are expensive, require frequent reapplication, and are only partially effective.
  • Fences must be at least 8 feet high to keep deer out of a yard. Such high fences are not practicable on a small city lot. In addition, the city does not allow fences at this height in front yards. My largest rain garden is in my front yard.
  • I have sighted deer in or near my yard in southeast Ann Arbor nearly every day in recent months.
  • I have had two near-misses with deer when driving my car.

Deer Sightings in SoPac Area

Just an FYI that the postings on our neighborhood blog have escalated. A doe was in our yard at dusk last night, and probably the same one on Pattengill school yard in the afternoon was seen by Ann Marie and chased by a little dog.
A doe gave birth to a fawn at someone’s house on Independence and deer have been spotted in yards at Ferdon and Brockman and in the road at night.
Burns Park is reporting sightings daily and garden destruction including food crops is rising.
Ward 3 is joining Wards 1 and 2 in its quest for culling in general. If the Humane Society is fighting this, then let them get their butts in gear and collect the deer.

Social, economic and personal reasons to support a cull in Ann Arbor

There was a good turnout for the public meeting (April 16); with majority of public who spoke in favor of culling the deer. Here are my public comments, if interested. Thank you for reading (it is not too long):

Good Evening. My name is Erich Jensen. I live at 1820 Crestland near Stadium and Packard, well within the city limits in Ward 3. I have lived at the same house for 30 years and NEVER saw deer on/near my property until now. There have been 3 backyard sightings of 3-6 deer in the last 30 days. They enjoyed my tulips. They were on my patio.

I support the culling/eliminating deer within the city limits immediately for 3 main reasons, social, economic and personal.

First, I coordinate St Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church (on Washtenaw across from Tappan Middle School) sustainable garden which provides annually up to 200 lbs of fresh produce to Foundation Preschool each summer. This preschool serves children of at risk low income single head of household families. The deer have already decimated the food producing plants (blueberry, raspberry brambles) this winter, and the vegetables aren’t even planted yet. There are also several other garden plots maintained by other groups in my neighborhood who donate produce to those in need.

Second, as Washtenaw Master Gardener I work with a team of volunteers at Cobblestone Farms beautifying the historic house and the events barn gardens (i.e., weddings on Th, F, Sa and Su nearly every week outdoors from April to October). The brides and their mothers, in particular, appreciate the gardens for photo back drops and have said so. Jessica Black, the manager of these events, has stated that our work has increased revenues and bookings which have amounted to well over a hundred thousands of dollars for the city of Ann Arbor, on a property that is part of the park system (Buhr Park). The deer are present there, too. There is also a Project Grow garden on the property.

Lastly, I am converting my garden to higher percentage of native plants per Wildflower Association of Michigan influence to increase pollinators and refuge for other wildlife (insects, birds and butterflies) but not deer who are destroying these new plants.

Please consider a quick, humane, cost effective way of reducing the herds for their starving and safety sake, too. Thank you.

Ward 3 also having deer problems

I live on Columbia Street in southeast Ann Arbor. We have seen numerous deer in recent weeks. They have eaten spirea bushes, hyacinths, and other plants and bushes in our yard, despite our extensive use of deer-repellent spray. I will track more exactly now that I know there is a registry. Here are a few of our sightings:

Late March: 3 deer (4-point buck, 2 does, one of which had a limp) wandering down Columbia Street in the afternoon.
Early April: 3 deer (1 buck and 2 does) running through the forested area behind our home at 2040 Columbia.
April 4: 1 doe on Columbia Street at midnight.
April 13: 1 buck and 1 doe in our backyard on Columbia Street in the mid-morning, eating emerging plants.

Ward 3

Ward 3 weighing in

Just an FYI. I discovered and recently joined my local neighborhood group, and deer issue is getting a lot of postings for the South Packard area.

We personally have seen groups of 3 and 4 deer twice more since I last wrote you, once in neighbor’s yard, and just last Saturday in the school yard which borders my property when my grandson and I were outside together. He was delighted, I was not. They are not so skittish, as they stare a minute and then run off when you close the gap to about 20 feet.

Deer Sightings– Ward 3

from Burns Park

I am writing to report deer scat found in my back yard on Olivia Ave. today 4/11/2015 just 1/2 block north of Burns Park. Last year we had deer in our yard who ate our whole vegetable garden and probably 30 hostas right down to the root. The deer would walk right down the sidewalk and over the fence! I am sad to say we may not plant a vegetable garden this year if deer are already feeding in our yard – it is too bad since the growing experience is so exciting to involve my children in! Last year my boys were so disappointed our gardening efforts were foiled by deer, and it is not worth the time and $$$ if there is no solution to the obvious deer problem in town. It is sad to see deer walking down the sidewalks in the downtown neighborhoods – they must be frightened, and it cannot be healthy for the deer. I support culling and hope to see this situation resolved! Thank you,


Deer and Tick Disease in Ann Arbor

Ward 3

Due to overpopulation of deer, Lymes Disease is emerging. I was camping in an area with deer and did get bit by a tick and got Lymes. Thankfully I saw the bullseye and got treated. All deer can carry the ticks which wait for someone to come along for them to attach to. Lymes is one disease you really want to avoid getting and if you see deer, there is risk.

I went to a Lymes’ support group and the stories are horrendous! Some folks got Lymes from petting deer at a deer farm! Gone are the days where grandpas passed on hunting to the kids. So, overgrowth of deer and I think Ann arbor needs to put human needs first and get rid of the deer. (hunting, re-location, etc) This can be a life-altering, paralyzing disease. Deer in the back yards puts anyone in that yard at risk.

So sorry you have them there.

C.N., Allen Park area