Deer Sightings

“A doe and 2 fawns ran down S. Revena Blvd. last summer & about 3 years ago a buck (probably an adolescent) was in the backyard of my next store neighbor. Thought he was munching on something but could not quite see what he was doing.”

Its been going on for a while in Ward 4

From A. Carter

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No deer in Ann Arbor? Really…

This last week I saw deer over by Pattingill School, corner of Crestland and St. Francis.
This was around 6:30 pm. Surprisingly, just a block away were people outside, chatting and one with a dog on a leash.
This is in Ward 4

On the way to a WC4WB meeting, I ran into two does who were casually crossing Bardstown, Ward 2
And I mean casually– no rush; and my car was right there! I was late for the meeting because I waited on them.
Around 7:00 pm

On the way back from an outing at WCC last night– again two does on Earhart Rd.
It was around 10:30 pm
Ward 2

Where are you seeing deer?

A2 Neighbor

Ward 4

I do hope something can be done. I am over by the Burns Park school and we had never seen deer in the neighborhood before this summer. I had one who came to eat my garden about twice a day for three weeks. 15 years of work and money that I did not anticipate I was doing for a deer’s buffet.

Not to mention that, finding a deer suddenly and unexpectedly in front of your car, as you are traveling at 45 mph, can mean it’s “lights out” on your life.

M.H., Burns Park resident