Deer sightings in Ward 5

Took these photos from my front porch as the pair of deer trotted down the road right in front of me. Fountain Street, April 11. It just happened to be a beautiful porch swing kind of day, but my neighbors have seen them around all the time.

Be Kaimowitz



Deer reports

1/12/2015- We had three bucks at our bird feeder yesterday on Vintage Valley for an afternoon snack. Five forms on each side…is that five point or ten point? 🙂 – Susan W., Ward2
note: 3rd buck is out of the picture– but in the yard!

And we got an answer!
Sounds like you had a 10 point buck, using the Eastern US counting system for white-tailed deer. Out West, this would be a 5-point buck–assuming that each of the points was longer than an inch.

1/12-/2015- Oh, we have them in Ward 5 too (in the Red Oak/Newport/Sunset area).
And Ward 1 across M-14. – Vivienne A.

1/11/2015- Friends who live on Burgundy in Ward 2 have just seen 17 deer today in their neighborhood!!
Increasingly, it seem that the major problem is in Ward 2. – Susan C.

Deer sightings: send your report to [email protected] Include general address and ward please.

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Deer injured or killed on Green Rd, Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, MI
Ward 2
Zip: 48105

Yesterday I was informed of a deer that was dead on the side of Green Rd near Glazier, about a block from my home. Within 15 minutes I was out of my house to document the accident. My husband and I walked up and down the area looking for this dead deer that was supposed to be just up a grassy slope on someone’s property, on Green. No deer to be found.

P0000727However, we did see this area on the sidewalk with large pools of blood. We also saw an indentation on the mulched area of the lawn where we assumed the deer had landed or layed down. Couldn’t believe the city was so fast in cleaning up a dead deer.

On closer examination, I saw a number of hoof prints, which could have been made earlier before the accident, but maybe showed that the deer was not really dead and had managed to wander off, in close proximity to my home, injured.