The perennial invasion of crows, Michigan Daily, Feb 13, 2019Rapid development in Ann Arbor and other areas of southeast Michigan has led to increasing friction between humans and their animal neighbors in recent years. Coyote attacks on cats and dogs are on the rise in the metro Detroit area. Despite both controversial culls and sterilization efforts, the Ann Arbor deer population has at best plateaued. And every few winters, as the sky darkens, students are left aghast as crows take to the skies over campus.
Every autumn, as other birds fly south for the winter, thousands of American crows make their exodus from the fields and forests of rural Washtenaw County and migrate to Ann Arbor for the winter. Their bodies create a black blanket spread across trees, historic buildings and anything else they can perch on. From the Huron River and Forest Hill Cemetery to North Campus, through Central Campus and the Diag, to the student houses on South Campus, the crows reign.

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