DOEnation Ministries

DOEnation is a local based charity that seeks to create partnerships with agencies and landowners who are willing to grant hunting access on their property with the purpose of supplying a healthy source of protein to those in need. Every deer we harvest during each charity hunt is taken to a local participating processor and dispersed to one of the nine Michigan food banks to feed hungry families and individuals locally. This humanitarian mission goes hand and hand with sound wildlife management. As all of you have noted in your posts, the overpopulation of white-tailed deer in many regions of Michigan is leading to the depletion of native vegetation, consequently reducing plant diversity overall in many areas. Furthermore, the disturbance caused by excessive deer browse allows invasive species to establish, creating many problems within the local ecosystem. We recognize and understand the need for hunting as a management technique, as two of our staff members, including myself, hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Management. If you are interested in this mutually beneficial arrangement, we would be very interested in discussing our process with you in more detail.If anyone is experiencing problems caused by high deer density on their property, we would be willing to meet with you to find a solution.

DOEnation has managed several properties in townships and cities adjacent to Ann Arbor with success.Please check out our website for more information:

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