Deer browse

Ward 2

P0000011As we were going out last night to go to dinner and see some of the beautiful color around, we didn’t get too far before running across this grouping – 4 deer, at least to begin with, at the corner of Green and Hubbard. This was just a few blocks from my home.


P0000004This morning it looks, this is what I woke up to on my deck. It looks like that grouping, or some close relatives, visited during the night.

See that black hose by the flower pots? Its connected to a motion sensor that squirts when it detects something moving. Too bad it must have been pointed in the wrong direction. Hard to anticipate where the deer will be coming from.

We’ve had some similar, but smaller damage over the summer– but was kind of hoping it was just a bad wind day. I don’t see that as a possiblity this time.

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