First fawn sighting of 2015

I got notice of my first “confirmed” fawn sighting near North Campus and the VA yesterday– a pair.

I would have thought it was early, but on questioning my source, who is an engineer, who said that he did not see spots (distance), but the mother was 4 times bigger than the babies, I believe him. This was on April 4th.

Here are two pictures, the first one is of my yard this morning with 6 of the 9+ deer in the yard gathered to eat in my garden.
The second picture was taken last year, just about in the exact spot. You can see the very young fawn in the front, with Mom in the rear of the Allium and Peony which are well ahead of what they are this year, so I think this picture was taken early to mid-May. I’m guessing this year’s Mom was impregnated very early last fall.

Also note the deer in the first picture with the large pale spot on her back. This is the second time I have seen this deer.
I would love to get information from others who also see her; curious to know the range of her travels.

I am now tracking fawn sightings, as well as continuing to track deer accidents on a new map at If you see dead deer on the roads or fawns, please contact me at [email protected]

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