Home for sale in NE Ann Arbor

Hillary H

They are selling the house across the street from me. A young gentleman came to look at the house with a realtor last week. I obviously got to thinking whether or not to sell up on my home too, it had me pondering some thoughts as to whether I’d go with a local realtor as my neighbor did, or whether I search around online for websites similar to that of House Buyers of America and others.

Then he came over to my house to ask questions about the neighborhood.
He asked what I like best about the area. Then he asked what I like least– I had to tell him, We have deer.

Last night, we had a dozen deer in my front yard, the leader, within a yard of my front stoop.
When we opened the front door, they scattered– some going towards Green others towards Bardstown.

I don’t remember any “sightings” on the aerial survey of numbers of deer in groups anywhere near 12, yet in the last week, we have had herds of 11, 12 and 15+ does passing through and sleeping in my backyard– and front.

Haven’t seen any bucks lately; so those 15 does we saw the other evening, in another month, will represent probably 45 deer for Northeast Ann Arbor. I think the deer are winning. Not sure what the prize is.

The Ann Arbor survey shows that 57% of respondents in Ann Arbor realize that there is a problem with deer in the city and want something done about it and will accept lethal methods. Since only half the respondents were from wards 1 and 2, I think that shows that the problem or knowledge of the problem is more widespread than just the North and NE side of town.

MLive, in a recent article said, “An online survey revealed public support for efforts to educate residents about deer-resistant landscape plantings, installing signs or reflectors at deer crossings, managing roadside vegetation to increase visibility, and prohibiting feeding deer.” Is this assuming that lethal methods to control the deer population and education about those we might see are mutually exclusive? REALLY? I’m pretty sure I answered YES to that question– I do think we should prohibit feeding and remove vegetation from the roadsides, so we have a better chance of seeing deer before they actually jump out into the road in front of us. Yet the latest article in Mlive starts the sentence about killing deer with a “BUT” not an AND. As if both options were not necessary.

The city survey did not ask us to prioritize our answers, just to check yes or no.

The city survey results also stated that 73% of the respondents do not feel deer should be give a status above that of other urban mammals. I agree, yet deer are destroying the habitats and food supply of many of these urban mammals and birds, not to mention the decimation native plants and trees. Are we not also Urban Mammals? Do deer have more rights to my property than I have?

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