Key recommendations from 2015 Ann Arbor Deer Management Plan

The City should set an overall goal of reducing deer-human negative interactions.
The first area of focus should be Wards 1 & 2. The recommended process is implementation of a series of annual culls, beginning in winter of 2016, on city property in Wards 1 & 2.
A sharpshooting contractor should be used for the culls. In order to permit a culling operation City Code Chapter 115 – Weapons and Explosives will need revision.
The planning process revealed public support in Wards 1 and 2for a lethal method.

Potential culling sites are surveyed months before the cull occurs and estimate the number of deer that would be harvested. All culls are conducted in January and February.
During this time, there are no fawns in the deer herd, thus no baby deer will be orphaned by the cull. Per MDNR regulation, all deer meat will be donated to the needy.
The Survey indicated that safety is the number one concern regarding implementation of a lethal method to decrease deer. The number two concern was proper management of hunters/shooters. A significant outreach effort is recommended to allay citizen concerns prior to a cull. According to MDNR, there have been
NO reported safety incidents by communities using contracted sharpshooters. The culling areas will be closed to the public prior to and during any cull.
No firearms will be discharged outside the culling area and all shots will be fired from above, into the ground.

Contrary to reports by opponents– the culls would take place in city parks, at night, by selected sharpshooters.

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