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I think the statement about “only make room for more deer” is an inadvertent endorsement of the “vacuum” concept that has been wrongly put forth. Population dynamics is a complex thing. It is certainly possible with a repeated culling program to reduce the immediate pressure on the local area. That is the reason many public parks are using such programs. Even without culling, the population will still gain new individuals from “outside”, if we continue to supply food and protection from predation. I hope that our city officials will suspend judgment, especially about the technical issues, until all the information has been gathered and presented.

I have been gathering information about MDNR population management – it is relatively subtle and involves a number of assumptions and also political/educational issues. (The Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ main “customers” are the trophy hunters who simply want to have lots of deer, preferably 8-point bucks.)

There is much to take in as we look at our ecological future and the issues we are currently trying to address.

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