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Urban and suburban deer management by state wildlife-conservation agencies, Wildlife Society Bulletin, Sept 2011

    Deer biologists in 41 states were surveyed to investigate what agencies are doing to control urban deer, which management techniques have been used in the past and are currently being used, and which techniques are believed to be most effective. Urban and suburban deer populations were increasing in most states (75.8%); accordingly, most biologists (97%) believed that urban and suburban deer were a problem in their state. Managed archery hunts (85% of states), sharpshooting (68%), and managed firearm hunts (59%) were the most utilized methods during the past 5 years. Biologists ranked managed firearm hunts (54%) as the most preferred method for deer control, followed by managed archery hunt (39%) and sharpshooting (39%). Ninety-one percent of biologists listed deer–vehicle accidents and damage to gardens as primary reasons for managing urban deer populations.

Deer Management Plans

Listing of State plans from MN Dept of Natural Resources

On our site, there are a number of state, city, county deer management plans listed under their states

range from formal plans to announcements of practice on Websites.

These three sections of the country represent the areas where white-tailed deer are in abundance, and have been for the last 20 plus years.

Michigan is represented separately.

Some management plans from Canada are listed below.


FACTSHEET: Urban deer management in B.C.

Some communities have opted for limited culls as a way of reducing populations to a level where non-lethal, management tools, such as fencing and the removal of attractants (ready sources of food) can be used more effectively.

Deer Management, Thunder Bay

Bow hunters will require the written permission of private property owners in designated rural or semi-rural area within city limits to hunt deer from September 1 to December 15. Hunters taking part in the controlled bow hunt must abide by the provincial hunting regulations for archery equipment including the possession of a valid outdoors card and proper tags to hunt deer.

Urban Deer Management Annual Report 2015, City of Cranbrook and Province of British Columbia, May 2015

The primary objective of the Cranbrook urban deer cull was to focus trapping effort in areas with aggressive and dense populations of mule deer in an attempt to improve human safety and decrease deer related complaints.

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