Survey Results

Friends of Sligo Creek Deer Survey Report(MD), 2009A total of 522 residents of the Sligo watershed responded to an on-line survey on deer management in November and December 2009. A significant majority (80 percent) felt that the county should engage in culling deer, either immediately (56 percent) or after informing and involving the wider community (24 percent). About the same number (76 percent) felt that Friends of Sligo Creek should advocate for deer culling in the Park, either immediately (46 percent) or after obtaining support from the affected neighborhood associations (30 percent). The majority of respondents (80 percent) came from the center of the watershed, between New Hampshire and Dennis Avenues. Three-fourths had some connection to Friends of Sligo Creek. About half reported deer damage to their gardens, but relatively few, fortunately, had direct experience with Lyme Disease or a deer-vehicle collision. More than half (57 percent) considered “biodiversity” a top priority for the Park. Evaluations of the survey were overwhelmingly positive (91 percent), but many thought better background could have been provided as to why the county will not consider chemical birth-control (or other alternatives) at this time.

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