Deer sightings and wisdom

SEVEN deer in a row just strolled one by one into our backyard from Spruce St. (near the corner of Chestnut). They were moving slowly in single file, and look pretty emaciated. They are sampling our ground cover and woody shrubs, or sitting and resting while chewing cud. Earlier today we had only 3 or 4. We have generally enjoyed watching them, although they do some damage (particularly to hosts, woody shrubs and ground cover and some trees), but THIS is getting to be a bit much. I am slowly moving from against to leaning more in favor of culling.

Seven in my yard yesterday and then in the street about 5:00 p.m. (Londonderry) maybe the same crew

We had 4 (that I could see) yesterday.. one right on our deck peering in our sliding door… crew are eating bushes, ground cover, etc

something is eating the tops of my daffodils and tulips as they come up. could it be deer?

Deer don’t generally eat daffodils- hence a good option in this neighborhood. They love tulips – but usually wait til they are just about to bloom..

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