Johnson Space Center

Effects of SpayVac on Urban Female White-Tailed Deer Movements, Wildlife Society Bulletin, 2006 We evaluated the effects of SpayVac, a long-lasting, single-dose PZP vaccine on ranges and movements of female white-tailed deer at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center near Houston, Texas, USA. We captured, treated, and radiomarked 38 female deer with SpayVac (treatment) and injected 11 deer with a placebo (control). Fawning rates for treated and control deer were 0% and 78% respectively. We observed no difference in the movements and ranges of SpayVac- versus placebo-treated deer. However, we did not evaluate the potential effect of immunized females on ranges and movements of male white-tailed deer. Increased ranges and movements may be more pronounced for males than for females. For all practical purposes, urban deer within the JSC complex cannot expand their ranges beyond the property boundaries

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