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  • Deer hunting season means big bucks for the economy, Detroit Free Press, Nov 12, 2014Some of the economic impact of the active deer season is seen by auto repair shops. AAA Michigan says 1 in 5 crashes in Michigan involve deer and November is among the top months for such crashes. Last year, the auto club says 12 motorists were killed and 1,200 injured in crashes involving deer.
    In 2013, there were more than 49,000 such crashes. Oakland County had the most: 1,800.
    The cost of fixing car damage can easily run into the thousands of dollars. A report last year by State Farm Insurance said the average property-damage cost of deer-car incidents involving its policyholders during the last half of 2012 and the first six months of 2013 was $3,414.
  • Pleasant Ridge is fawning over Baby, an orphan deer, Detroit Free Press, Nov 15, 2014Neither the Michigan Department of Natural Resources nor the Detroit Zoo will take Baby, Magiera said. A few rescue groups have offered to take her, but no one will come to get her, and she hasn’t found a veterinarian that will sedate her in order to move her.
  • Deer wants beer? Rams full-speed into brewery window, MyFox9.com, Oct 30, 2014Employees at Griffin Claw Brewing Company saw the deer running around and started recording. That’s when the deer headed straight toward them, ramming the window at full speed.
  • Deer are on the move in fall, CandGNews.com, Oct 28, 2014A deer-feeding ban remains in place in Rochester Hills, with an ordinance prohibiting the feeding of wild animals other than birds. The ban is intended to reduce the travel patterns of deer from their natural habitat into neighborhoods where feeding stations and bait piles are provided — crossing roads and causing crashes.
    Rochester Hills City Council President Gregg Hooper said he is joining this year’s statistics on deer/car crashes.
    “A deer decided to jump in front of my truck,” he said. “It came out of nowhere. And $6,400 later, it is an issue for insurance companies and everybody here.”
  • Oakland County Top for Deer/Vehicle Crashes: ‘Don’t Veer for Deer,’ AAA Michigan Warns, White Lake Highland Patch, November 12, 2014One in five vehicle crashes in Michigan involves deer, which are especially active during the November rut, or mating season.
  • Oakland County tops in Michigan in car-deer crashes, Oakland Press, Oct 3, 2014In October, Michigan’s 1.75 million deer are more actively moving around, increasing the likelihood car-deer crashes, especially in populated areas with more roads and more miles driven by a larger population
  • Deer remain in crosshairs at area parks According to Oakland County Parks Natural Resources Stewardship Program, overbrowsing can alter the structure and composition of plant communities. The damage to the natural community can be seen by how long it takes the native forage plants to regenerate. Many can require up to 10 years to recover, and that’s only after the deer population is controlled.
  • Deer impales itself trying to jump cemetery gate, Eye Witness News 3, Oct 11,2013The deer was discovered dead early Friday morning by someone working at the cemetery. It’s believed the deer was an eight-point buck and appeared to have been trying to clear the gate when part of its hind quarters caught on a spike.
  • Coyotes Suspected in Attack on Deer in Rochester Hills Man’s Yard, Patch.com, August 13, 2013“I get that they’re part of the food chain and I’m not in favor of ridding Rochester Hills of coyotes,” he said. “It’s a little unnerving there might be a pack of them pretty close to the house and if they don’t eat for a while they might start looking for other things.”
  • Hills deer crashes creeping upward, Rochester Media, Oct 23, 2012Car/deer crashes have dropped significantly in Rochester Hills since the deer herd was decimated by epizootic hemorrhagic disease in 2009. But such crashes were up slightly in 2011, with the city recording the second-highest total in southeast Michigan. Oakland Township was ranked third.
  • Deer herds could devastate Oakland County’s landscape, Detroit News, March 28,2009The reality of this devastation will begin to become very obvious when the population of deer in Rochester Hills exceeds 3,000. Those deer will need to be consuming 15,000 pounds of plant materials each day, and that much food will not be there. By then, the understory of any area of woods will be bare. No new trees will be growing in the woods in Rochester Hills for many decades.



  • 7 million drivers, 2 million deer, TCT Times.com, Oct 9, 2014According to an article on bowhunting.com, “U.S. drivers are three times more likely to collide with a deer over the next 12 months than they were over the previous 12.” It continued, “Those odds have climbed to 1 in 169 drivers and nearly double during the deer breeding months of October, November, and December.”


Livingston County


Genesee County


Macomb County

  • Vehicle/deer crashes increase in Macomb County, Macomb Daily, Oct 3, 2014The average cost of damages resulting from a car-deer crash is $2,200, based on surveys of insurance companies around the state. That amounts to approximately $130 million a year in Michigan. But the number of car crashes with deer, and their costs, could be underestimated. “Coverage is under the comprehensive portion of the policy and that’s optional coverage,” Conarton said.


Ingham/Lansing/East Lansing

  • E.L. continues conversation about deer population in the city, StateNews, Nov 5, 2014 In 2011, the city conducted an online survey asking residents how concerned they were about the presence of deer in the city and the safety issues having deer around can bring to residents.
    According to the city of East Lansing’s survey summary, 60 percent of the 245 respondents reported to have some type of concerns about the deer population in the city — 68 percent of the respondents reported to have concerns about the safety threats that deer can impose on residents, such as car accidents involving the four-legged animals.
  • Meridian Township Takes Unique Approach to Deer Management, MUCC, Sept 29, 2014The managed hunt is NOT open to the general public and only about 70-75 approved, qualified, competent and experienced deer hunters will be allowed to access Township property for the managed harvest. The hunt is open to archery use only, though nearby private properties can still use firearms on their own property.
  • Meridian Township hosts another deer harvest this fall, Sept 12, 2014Meridian Township continues to receive numerous complaints of deer over-population that have resulted in an increase of damage to landscaping, an increase in reports of vehicle/deer accidents, concern for public health and a disruption to the ecological balance of natural areas.
  • Deer Encroachment and Damage in East Lansing Neighborhoods, EastLansingInfo.org, Aug 21, 2014City of East Lansing is currently addressing the deer problems via a feeding ban ordinance, but to date has no formal deer management plan. Damages to private properties for some neighborhood residents are reported by them to be in the thousands of dollars.
  • Meridian Township Looking To Expand Deer Hunt, WILX.com, Aug 19, 2014Overpopulation of white-tailed deer is causing problems in the area, from ecological damage to car-deer collisions. Last year there were 180 of those accidents in the township.
  • Bucks, Does Invade City, Businesses, Residents, Windstar Wildlife Institute, Nov 2010“The only way to manage the deer population is through lethal control–but that’s much tougher to do inside of city limits,” the DNR’s Clute said. It would be up to Lansing to tell the department about its deer problem, Clute said. He added that it’s possible the DNR could work with the city to hire sharpshooters to kill some of the animals.
    “But we could only do this if the city decided to waive their discharge ordinance,” Clute said. “And if they do that, it’s very time-consuming and expensive to kill them. There are no easy answers.” Clute said the primary means of thinning the herd is also the most unpleasant.
    “It’s quite unfortunate that the major lethal control in cities are vehicles.”











  • Blandford Nature Center plans three hunts for fall as deer damage shrubs, native flora MLive, July 21, 2011Steinman knows the deer are there. This year’s crop of trillium disappeared within a week of blooming. Steinman hasn’t seen much of the adults, but the young fawns are evident as are the places they all bed down. Which is why Steinman recently announced the center once again will hold a managed fall deer hunt on the property.








Waterford Twp.


Barry County

  • Deer/vehicle crashes likely to increase in coming weeks, The Hastings Banner, Dec 17, 2014One in every five motor vehicle crashes in Michigan involves deer. With one of the two most dangerous months for deer crashes here — October and November — a traffic safety coalition is unveiling a new video aimed at deer crash safety messages for young people.

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