Urban bowhunts reduce deer/human conflicts, and feed those in need,, Sept 1, 2016The appeal of this unconventional hunt is the access to areas where deer have never been pressured. A sportsman must be skillful in using a bow to qualify for the opportunity to participate in the hunt. This is a serious task to control the deer population in urban areas to decrease deer-related car accidents and nuisance in neighborhoods. “You know the Urban Hunt has been a success when the community asks when it is going to start and it opened three months ago.”

Urban deer hunt application period open, ABC Region 8, June 15, 2016The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, in cooperation with the Arkansas Bowhunters Association and Bull Shoals Urban Bowhunters Association, has opened the registration for 2016-17 urban deer hunts held across the state. The deadline to register for each hunt is July 31.

High deer densities near urban areas often lead to conflicts with landowners and motorists because of deer/vehicle collisions and deer destroying ornamental landscaping. Ralph Meeker, assistant deer program coordinator for the AGFC, says urban hunts have been effective tools to allow a city to reduce unwanted deer numbers without spending thousands on other methods of control.

AGFC Needs Hunters To Hunt To Manage Spread Of Deadly Deer Disease, KFSM, May 26, 2016“We need those hunters to go out there and harvest those deer,” Stephens said. “We need to get the deer densities down. We need to spread it out so that those deer are not infecting other deer when they are so close together. We really need the public’s help, especially hunters.”
More Ark. deer test positive for chronic wasting disease,, April 25, 2016The first phase of chronic wasting disease sampling by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission revealed a 23 percent prevalence rate in Newton and Boone counties. Of 266 randomly collected wild deer, 62 were found to have the fatal disease.

Deer infected with wasting disease confirmed in Arkansas, Washington Times, April 1, 2016Arkansas wildlife officials say six deer from Newton County have tested positive for chronic wasting disease, bringing to 56 the number of confirmed cases in the state.

Chronic Wasting Disease Cases Keep Rising In Newton Co. Deer Population, KFSM News, April 1, 2016So far, three of the elk samples have been found to be positive for CWD, the rest have been deer. Some of the CWD-positive samples came from dead or sick deer found outside the original sampling zone, which has prompted a second phase of sampling on a much larger scale.

Listen to 911 tapes: Deer attacks family, leaving one with severe injuries,, Oct 23, 2015 An aggressive buck began attacking several people at a home on the 5900 block of Branham Road. Deputies said when they arrived on the scene, they found a man standing in the back of a pickup truck pointing at a deer standing next to the vehicle. When the deputies got out of their patrol cars, the deer apparently began getting aggressive with them, forcing them to put the animal down.

Arkansas Man Hospitalized After He, Family Attacked by Deer, ABC News, Little Rock, AK, Oct 22, 2015 An Arkansas man was treated at a hospital for hand and arm injuries after he and his family were attacked by a deer west of Little Rock. David Baldwin called 911 about 8:20 p.m. Friday and said a buck attacked his stepfather and his mother, but he managed to hold it down while they fled.

Breeding season for deer occurs in fall when males can sometimes become aggressive toward humans.

Urban Hunt: Controversy gives way to necessity, The Baxter Bulletin, June 19, 2015The urban archery hunt was the first of its kind in Arkansas. And now, nearly 15 years later, several other cities have instituted their own to address the main issue — overpopulation of white-tailed deer. The solution? Citizens legally allowed to bow hunt in a controlled environment within city limits where deer can often be found.

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