Urban deer: Officials set tentative timeline for culling, Colorado Springs Independent, Aug 3, 2018City Councilors’ plans for dealing with Colorado Springs’ overpopulation of deer are moving forward, though not quite at the pace they’d originally hoped. It’s too close to the end of the season to attempt to allow urban hunting, but officials hope to get the ball rolling on Council action soon so professional shooters can “bait and cull” a few dozen does by this Jan. 31. (After that, some does will be too far along in their pregnancy to kill without raising social and political concerns, says Frank McGee, area wildlife manager for state Parks and Wildlife.)

A disease that attacks the brains of deer, elk and moose has hit 16 percent of male animals tested in Colorado — and hunters need to be cautious, Denver Post, May 21, 2018CPW task force mulls increased monitoring, increased hunting on infected herds, limits on deer, elk and moose congregation that could spread deadly prion disease.

Cañon City Vision Committee mulls controlling deer population, Daily Record, Feb 21, 2018The Cañon City Council is soliciting feedback from citizens on a proposed deer harvest within city limits to control deer herd populations. The reasons for facilitating a possible deer harvest go beyond protecting flowers and avoiding collisions with motorists. Jim Aragon, the area wildlife manager based in Salida, said it’s also a human health and safety issue.

U.S. Air Force Academy to host deer hunt Dec 16-18, US Airforce Academy, Dec 15, 2017The purpose of the hunt is to control the deer population within the carrying capacity of the habitat, reduce deer-vehicle accidents, and help prevent over-browsing of landscaped areas.
Dangerous Deer Part Two: solutions to overpopulation, News13, Nov 1, 2017There were more than 1,000 car vs. deer crashes just in Colorado Springs last year. About 33 people died in animal-related crashes in the state. That’s why city, state and federal officials are coming together for the first time to figure out what to do about the overpopulation. They held a “Wildlife and Transportation Summit” to find ways to keep the roads and the animals safe. “We have about 20 deer per square mile in Colorado Springs, but we want to be at a density around seven deer per square mile,” McGee said.

Colorado Springs considers urban hunters to combat deer, Denver Post, July 20, 2017Allowing urban hunting in a city the size of Colorado Springs would be unprecedented in Colorado, the Gazette reports. Wildlife officials earlier this month recommended urban hunting in Cañon City, which could join Arkansas River Valley neighbors Salida and Buena Vista in allowing deer hunting in city limits. La Veta and Alamosa also invite hunters. For a fourth year, Elizabeth, a rural community south of Denver, will issue permits to archers to thin the deer herd.

Southwest Colorado gets first deer infected with wasting disease, The Journal, July 12, 2016Colorado Parks and Wildlife says that it has found a deer that was infected with chronic wasting disease just east of Montrose, the first time that an infected deer has been found in Southwestern Colorado, a state Parks and Wildlife official said on Tuesday.

Deer-culling program gets extended, Lakewood Sentinel, June 13, 2016In a unanimous decision, the Elizabeth Board of Trustees voted to continue the town’s Deer Management Program for another season. Initiated in the fall of 2014, the program that allows limited hunting of deer within designated areas inside the Elizabeth town limits, under tightly controlled parameters, was created in response to the increasing domestic deer population in and around the town.

According to town administrator Dick Eason, there were two factors contributing to the trustee’s view of a successful program. “It was the fact that we’ve got two years under our belt, and there has not been a single incident. That was one of our primary concerns going into the first year is, number one, safety,” he said. “The other thing is while the numbers, thus far, are not keeping up with the population growth, we are making progress.”

Three injured after deer causes crash on Highway 58, CW2, March 22, 2016 A multivehicle crash caused by a deer running across the road closed Highway 58 on Tuesday morning, the Golden Police Department said. Officials said the deer jumped into westbound traffic near the Boyd Street exit about 6:30 a.m. Highway 58 was closed for several hours after the semitruck leaked oil onto the highway for crews to clean up the accident.

Cities are just deer in the headlights, Durango Times, June 14, 2015Working with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, he looked at birth-control methods, which are expensive.“First, they were approved for white-tailed deer, not mule deer, and we have mostly mule deer,” he said. “Then, Parks and Wildlife was concerned about what would happen if those deer ended up on a hunter’s table. Do we want people eating that?”
Trapping and transporting would require tranquilizing the deer, having a veterinarian on scene throughout, finding someone to take them, and it comes with a 50 percent mortality rate, he said.
So, the town decided to set up a highly controlled program with volunteer hunters.

Town explains plan to cull deer, Elbert County News, Oct 31, 2014“The goal is not to obliterate the (deer) population,” Westbrook said, “but to control the population and modify animal behavior.”
To qualify for the program, all applicants were required to meet the basic bow-hunting prerequisites for Colorado, to hold a bow-hunter education card and to have been previously licensed to hunt in Colorado. In addition, no one with a big-game hunting violation in the state within the past five years, or who has been suspended from hunting in Colorado, was eligible.

Deer hunt in town of Elizabeth on Tuesday agenda; town says deer population is out of control, News 7 Denver, July 7, 2014

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