Woman dies after car hits deer in Delaware, Action News, Nov 11, 2015 woman has died after a car struck a deer in Delaware City. The impact sent the deer through the windshield, hitting 48-year-old Jamie Episcopo in the front passenger seat.

New Castle County cancels controversial deer hunt,, April 3, 2015The hunt was intended to reduce the population of deer in the area around Woodley Park. Earlier this week, a representative of animal rights organization PETA sent a letter to county officials calling the planned hunt “among the cruelest and ineffective forms of wildlife control.” “We have a serious deer, health and traffic problem but … it may be too controversial to proceed this way at this time,” Gordon said.

Check out the online vote — What is your opinion of managed deer hunts to cull the population? At this point it is 78.92% for “I’m for it when done correctly”

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