Bully Bambi: Deer targets neighborhood dogs, one dead, CBS46, July 12, 2018 Wood believes the deer is mistaking dogs for coyotes, their natural predator, and the only reason we don’t see more dogs attacked like this is because deer usually don’t want to be very close to a dog’s human owners. In this specific neighborhood, the deer have trained out of their fear.

Driver killed in collision with deer in Burke County, WJBF, May 2, 2018A driver was killed after a collision with a deer on Highway 24 at mile marker 16 in Waynesboro.

Semi wrecks as driver swerves for deer, WALB News 10, July 5, 2016The driver told authorities that he swerved to avoid a deer that ran across the road. Both lanes heading toward Albany/Dawson were shut down on Georgia Highway 520. Traffic in the other direction side was reduced to one lane.

Driver avoiding deer caused semi-truck wreck, chemical spill, report says,, Jun 2, 2016A semi-truck carrying hazardous material overturned in the Midland area early Thursday morning. A CPD incident reports says the driver claims that a deer ran out front of his vehicle, and as he attempted to swerve to avoid the deer, his tires made contact with the shoulder, causing it to flip and slide down the road.

Jekyll Island to spend 4 years studying its deer issues, Post and Courier, Jan 24, 2016Jekyll Island’s governing board voted last week to spend four years and $150,000 to study whether the state park’s maritime forests are threatened by too many hungry deer. The decision extends a reprieve that the island’s abundant white-tailed deer won a year ago when the Jekyll Island Authority sidelined a proposal to hire sharpshooters to thin the population. Researchers from the University of Georgia plan to study the health of plant species on Jekyll Island until 2020.

Deer causes fatal crash on Hwy. 60 near Murrayville; Dahlonega man killed, WDUN, Dec 18, 2015The Georgia State Patrol said it appears a deer trying to cross Ga. Hwy. 60 (Thompson Bridge Road) caused a crash that killed a Dahlonega man and injured a Gainesville woman Friday morning.

Child Dies in 2-Car Deer Accident, Fox, Dec 3, 2015An 11-year-old is dead after a fiery two-car accident caused by a wandering deer.

Food Plots Touted As “Canned Hunting” by HSUS, Georgia Outdoor News, Aug 11, 2015Now, HSUS is adding food plots to the canned-hunting spin. A recent article from HSUS says, “Food plots are small patches of land planted in a crop, such as corn, that the targeted species enjoys… Surrounded by woods or scattered trees that give the hunter cover, food plots turn the animals they attract into standing targets at close range… the animals never have a chance.” HSUS sees no distinction between food plots and feeders.

Jekyll Island Eyes Deer Cull; Hotel Lost ‘1,000 Pounds of Flowers on a Single Night’ to Overgrazing , Questia, from Florida Union Times, July 22, 2014 Ben Carswell, director of conservation on the state-owned island and a member of the Deer Management Committee, has told the Jekyll Island Authority that the deer herd needs to be reduced by 80 animals immediately with further reductions to follow.
He said the only workable method currently available is to enlist the aid of U.S. Department of Agriculture hunters for “professional harvesting.”

“It’s very important to note that we don’t want to get rid of deer,” Carswell said. “We want to have deer on Jekyll Island; we just want to have less of them.”

Deer solution upsets several, The Brunswick News, July 22, 2014
A common request was for the board and JIA staff to take more time to research the options, particularly the method of contraception.
Carswell had said staff concerns with contraception included financial strain, the amount of time needed to perform tasks and that the drugs involved are still considered experimenta.
“One of our committee members, Dr. Bob Warren with UGA, who served on our Jekyll Island Deer Management Committee, has presented the costs based on information summarized from various studies for various methods of deer population reduction,” Carswell said. “He estimates the average cost per deer of fertility control at over $800 per deer.”
Carswell added that DNR has already said it would not provide permits for a contraception or sterilization program, so the avenue wasn’t pursued more thoroughly.

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