Logan deer indeed a ’gang problem,, Nov 23, 2016 We have tried everything to simply keep the deer away, including our current project: an 8-foot fence. It’s a shame that we are the ones who are forced to live like we’re imprisoned because no one was willing to reduce the deer population, don’t you think?

Pocatello homeowners seeing increased problem with wildlife, POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK), Sept 19, 2016Some people in Pocatello are saying wildlife coming into neighborhoods has become a bigger problem than ever. Recently, near the Johnny Creek area, one home reported three cougars in its backyard. Residents said this is because the cougars are following the deer, which are becoming the biggest problem of all. A resident stated that it’s depressing because gardening and being outdoors is a favorite hobby of hers. So it’s sad to see all that time and effort ruined so quickly. She said she also thinks it’s becoming very dangerous for the neighborhood. She said deer have tried to attack her husband while he’s been out on walks in the neighborhood. Her husband even had a pretty scary encounter with a deer while driving– he was slowly turning at an intersection by their house when a deer ran at his car.

Idaho’s roadkill salvage law seen as delicious success, The Spokesman, March 2, 2016According to an online database maintained by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, more than 4,800 animals have been salvaged from the state’s roadways since the law took effect. That includes 1,996 whitetail deer, 1,405 mule deer, 798 elk and 308 moose.

Idaho Town Considers Birth Control to Manage Deer Population, Field and Stream, Dec 30, 2015Whether birth control will be used and how it may be given will be decided in 2016, when Roberge becomes mayor and other new city-council members take office.

Northern Idaho town mulls using deer birth control, Lexington Herald Leader, Dec 25, 2015Herds with as many as 40 deer casually walk through front lawns on a daily basis. Complaints of deer-related fence damage are common. Meanwhile, speed limits remain strictly low to reduce the risk of collision.

Now after seeing no change in the population one year after enforcing a feeding ban along with relocation efforts, city council members in Dalton Gardens are considering using birth control vaccines to curb the population. “We should have around 25 to 30 deer per square mile. In Dalton we estimate there are about 150 to 250 per square mile,” Roberge said, who will be the town’s mayor come January. “And Dalton is only two square miles.”

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