A deer bolts through a supermarket in Indiana, CNN, Feb 16, 2020“I saw a huge deer run frantically toward me, at first I thought it was a German Shepard, so I pushed my kids out of the way but soon realized it was a deer!,” Dan told CNN in an online message.

Four days of deer hunting to protect state parks, Star Press, Nov 11, 2019Before the state began annual deer-reduction hunts due to their overpopulation in state parks 26 years ago, browse lines and small, malnourished deer were common in most of the parks. Emaciated deer and browse lines — areas of a woods where the vegetation has been eaten back and stripped to a height that deer can reach — are no longer a problem.
But the hunts continue, to prevent rare and distinctive habitat from being eaten to death, according to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

As many as 100 deer likely to be harvested in planned Eagle Creek deer hunt, Indy Star, Dec 29, 2018More than 500 deer have already been harvested during the three previous hunts. But wildlife experts say the numbers are still too high — as much as 10 times what they should be — with the deer destroying habitat for other animals and devastating the parks’ plant life. “Our goal is to heal and have a balanced ecosystem, because when you have overpopulation like we have, everything is just off,” said Brittany Davis, park manager at Eagle Creek. “We’re seeing a lot of improvement from the previous hunts, but we’re not there yet, and we need to do it again.”

Drivers Have a 1 in 145 Chance of Hitting a Deer in Indiana,, Jan 22, 2018The 2017 numbers in State Farm’s 15th annual deer collision study have been released, and Indiana ranks 27th on the list of most likely states to have a collision with a deer.

Study: Indiana Has Many Ticks That May Carry Lyme Disease, US News, May 24, 2018A new Indiana University program that monitors disease-carrying pests has detected more deer ticks in central and southern Indiana than had previously been thought to live in those areas.

62 Deer Killed As Part Of Griffy Lake Cull, IndianapolisPublicMedia, Jan 4, 2018The city of Bloomington hired sharp shooting company White Buffalo Inc. to reduce the population by up to 100 deer, starting in December. Parks and recreation officials say overpopulation of deer at the preserve has reduced the size and quantity of many plant species. The city will monitor the number and heights of plants to assess the effectiveness of the cull.

Biologist: Mad deer disease likely to reach Indiana, DuboisCountyHerald, Dec 6, 2017Scientists first identified the disease west of the Rocky Mountains prior to 2000. Now, the disease has spread, reaching as far east as New York, south to Texas and north into Canada, according to a map by the U.S. Geological Service’s National Wildlife Health Center. CWD has yet to reach the west coast and southeast regions. Closer to Indiana, the map shows CWD in wild deer herds in northern Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan and in captive herds in Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio. The captive herds in Michigan and Ohio where CWD was identified were killed, as were several in Wisconsin.

Deer in roadway causes fatal Pulaski County motorcycle crash, WNDU16, Jan 23, 2017 A man is dead and a woman was injured in a Pulaski County motorcycle accident over the weekend. A preliminary investigation determined that the crash was caused by a deer that entered the roadway. The motorcycle was found about 75 yards away from where the victims ended up.

Controlled deer reduction hunts happening across Indiana, WaveNews, Nov 14, 2016Clifty Falls is one of the 18 parks chosen statewide. Hunters who applied were picked through a lottery to participate in these reduction efforts, which the Indiana Department of Natural Resources says helps maintain animal and plant habitat in the end.
18 state parks to close for deer reduction hunts, WANE, Nov 3, 2016Eighteen Indiana state parks will close temporarily on November 14-15 and again on November 28-29 to allow for controlled hunts to reduce the deer population.

Oh Deer! Video Shows Deer Crashing Into Northwest Indiana Restaurant, Chicago5, Oct 26, 2016Video of the scene shows the deer smashing through a window at the Aspen Cafe in St. John. The animal then runs through the restaurant, just missing a woman in the entryway, before bursting through another window to exit the building.

Eagle Creek Park considers another hunt to control deer population,, Aug 10, 2016In 2014 and early 2015, the Wounded Warriors and USDA sharpshooters harvested 249 deer, but park administrators say the population is still too high. They say it’s hurting the park’s ecosystem and increasing the risk for drivers.

Deer Reduction Hunts, My Wabash, July 7, 2016For more than two decades the DNR Division of State Parks has used to reduction hunts to control the deer population, and maintain plants and wildlife within the parks.
Crash kills teen after avoiding deer,, March 13, 2016HOWE, Ind. (WANE) A 17-year old girl died in a crash in Howe early Sunday morning. It happened just after midnight on CR 700 North, near 1550 East in LaGrange County. Police say the car, carrying a driver and 3 passengers, was heading east on CR 700 North when a deer ran onto the road. The passengers told police the driver attempted to avoid the deer before losing control of the vehicle and crashing into a tree. The driver died at the scene, the three others suffered minor injuries.

Lifeline called to motorcycle-deer accident; two injured,, March 9, 2106A motorcycle accident involving a deer seriously injured a Shelbyville passenger and sent two people to the hospital.

Deer taking over Bloomington,, March 4, 2016“Our dog has had a few run-ins with the deer. He’s been kicked a few times by the deer and certainly I think it can be a traffic hazard especially in the evening. When you’re driving through a community that you’re not used to having deer, it is troublesome and I have one child that did have a collision with a deer,” Tina Peterson, of Bloomington, said.

Warning for drivers after crash with deer sends woman to hospital, WISHTV, Nov 20, 2015A woman was flown to an Indianapolis hospital Thursday evening after her vehicle hit a deer. Baker’s husband, who was a passenger in the vehicle, told police they hit a deer, causing them to run off the road, hit a mailbox and run through a tree line. The vehicle came to a rest in a front yard. Deputies said the deer hit the front of the vehicle, flew over the hood and through the windshield.

Car vs. deer collisions up 21 percent from last year, WishTV, Indiana, Oct 5, 2015In 2014 State Farm says the odds were one in 172 of hitting a deer. In 2015 those number grew to one in 142. The insurance agency says that’s the second year in a row that Indiana saw an increase of more than 21 percent.

Smaller DNR Deer Harvest May Not Affect Griffy Lake Deer, Indiana Public Media, April 29, 2015But Bloomington Parks Department Director Mick Renneisen says the DNR’s decreased harvest won’t affect whether Bloomington decides to attempt another deer cull at Griffy Lake Nature Preserve. The initial cull was canceled in February because deer weren’t moving to baited areas.

Second deer hunt at Eagle Creek park begins,, Jan 12, 2015During the first hunt at the end of November, the city allowed Wounded Warriors to hunt in the park. The hunters killed about 142 deer and donated 4,800 pounds of venison to local food pantries. For the second hunt, the city will allow USDA hunters to hunt at Eagle Creek after hours, when the park is already closed. Regular activities in the park will not be interrupted by the hunt. The hunters will be using suppressors to reduce the distraction for people living near the park.

Deer hunt at Indianapolis park benefiting pantry, Brazil Times, Dec 3, 2014The Indianapolis Department of Parks and Recreation says a weekend deer hunt will help provide about 4,800 pounds of venison to a local food pantry.

Deer cull figures drop at state park,, Dec 4, 2014During four days of hunting at Spring Mill State Park and its neighboring Cave River Valley Nature Preserve, 31 deer were killed in an effort to take out the damaging white-tailed population in the area

Over 140 deer killed in Eagle Creek Park deer hunt,, Dec 2, 2014The parks department argued that the deer population in the park was getting out of control and threatening native plants as well as the forest – eliminating food sources for deer and other species, destroying bird habitats and compromising the forest’s ability to regenerate.

Judge rules against suit to stop Eagle Creek deer cull, IndyStar, Nov 27, 2014The Department of Natural Resources granted the city a permit that allows for the killing of up to 350 deer at the park, but city officials say they do not expect that many deer to be killed.

In late September, the parks board approved a $61,000 plan to kill deer in the park after hearing testimony from ecologists who said there are so many deer that they’re damaging the park’s ecology by eating native tree and plant seedlings down to perilously low levels. The only viable solution, the ecologists and natural resources officials said, is to kill off some of the deer.

City council members respond to deer protection group, Indiana Daily Student, Nov 13, 2014There are no examples of immunocontraception or sterilization working in an open system,” Rollo said. “It’s a very basic concept, and it’s not imaginary.

State parks plan deer reduction hunts, Palladium-item, Nov 6, 2014The Indiana Department of Natural Resources temporarily will close 18 state parks later this month for deer reduction hunts.

Deer Gone Wild, The Ryder Report, Nov 6, 2014Costs of both lethal and non-lethal methods are also listed. Sterilization costs “$800-$1,000/doe plus ongoing maintenance.” Costs for Trap and Euthanize are “$300/deer plus ongoing maintenance” and Sharpshooting ranges from $200-$350 per deer plus continued maintenance.

Indianapolis Approves Deer Reduction Plan In Eagle Creek, Indianapolis Public Media, Sept 26, 2014Deer hunting will be implemented in Indianapolis at Eagle Creek, where overpopulation has become an issue that is affecting vegetation and wildlife.

Why the DNR wants people hunting behind your subdivision, Indy Star, Sept 25, 2014But DNR and parks officials don’t endorse contraceptive drugs. DNR officials acknowledge they have been effective in reducing deer numbers in some small suburban deer populations, on islands and in fenced enclosures. But DNR and city officials say it would be extremely time consuming and expensive to use contraceptives inside Eagle Creek’s unfenced 3,900 acres.
They also say it’s unclear they would even work. The DNR says one of the contraceptive drugs used in past trials required that does be injected each year. To effectively reduce the population, at least 70 to 90 percent of does in a herd need to be treated, at a cost of up to $1,128 per doe, the DNR says.

Parks board approves controlled deer hunts in Eagle Creek,, Sept 25, 2014After two hours of public debate, the Indianapolis Park Board made a unanimous decision. And while some say killing deer is inhumane, the board says leaving the situation as it is, would be even worse.
Community weighs alternatives for deer control, Indiana Daily Student, Sept9, 2014 “This immunocontraceptive vaccine is quite elegant and has already been used successfully on whitetail deer,” she said. “In addition, PZP only costs $25 per dose, does not pass through the food chain or onto the deer’s offspring, is reversible if treatment is stopped, and is 90 percent effective.” In addition, Griffin provided several examples of communities across the country that have managed their deer populations using the PZP vaccine, further buttressing the argument that nonlethal deer management is feasible. When a member of the audience asserted that PZP was not effective, Griffin admitted that PZP has never been used in an open system like Griffy Lake.

City right to cull Eagle Creek deer, IndyStar, Sept 23, 2014Studying the deer’s effect on key indicator plant species is the most widely accepted method for measuring the herd’s impact on a natural area. Each of the studies commissioned by the city points to deer overbrowsing and severe environmental stress on the park.

DNR has urban deer hunting plan, South Bend Tribune, June 19, 2014

New Program Aimed At Urban Deer Conflicts,, June 8, 2014The Urban Deer Hunting Access Program was designed to assist communities experiencing problems with overabundant deer to manage those deer through hunting.

“Hunting is a highly favored form of management for deer by hunters and many non-hunters alike,” said DNR deer biologist Chad Stewart. “It is incredibly safe, cost-effective, and efficient. However, it is difficult for communities to take that leap into allowing public hunting because of the perception and opposition of hunting by small and vocal groups of people.”

Funding for the project is provided by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Communities or public entities can enter into a contract with the DNR for up to three years with a maximum of $15,000 available per year.

Bloomington City Council overturns mayor’s veto of plan to kill deer at Griffy Lake,, April 24, 2014

Bloomington City Council Votes To Allow Deer Sharpshooting, Indiana News, April 10, 2014

Deer culls often contentious when first introduced, NWITimes, Dec 10, 2011In the late 1990s some began to address the issue. Dune Acres was the first town in the state to seek a permit from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to hold a cull to thin its herd. Beverly Shores followed as did the Indiana Dunes State Park. Ogden Dunes is the latest community to address the issue, and the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is finalizing a deer management plan that also will include a cull.

Wild Deer Cause Big City Problems; Bloomington Looks To Control Deer Population,, March 30, 2010Last year, a doe protecting her young stomped a dog to death. City officials said they’re worried about what could be next. “My worst fear is a child would surprise a buck or maybe a doe that would feel that its fawn was threatened and would charge the child,” said Bloomington City Council member Dave Rollo.

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