What will we do with all the deer, Iowa City Press-Citizen, Oct 7, 2018“Obviously, nobody wants to kill anything or most people don’t, but it’s a necessary evil kind of thing,” said Chris Whitmore, Iowa City Animal Services coordinator. “The population is way out of control. We are trying to do the best for the deer and the residents.” According to data provided by the Iowa City Police Department, between 2015 and 2016, the incidents of vehicle accidents related to deer jumped from 34 to 54. In the last five years alone, property damage caused by these wrecks nearly doubled.

Iowa City considering options for hunting to control deer population, Radio Iowa, Aug 25, 2018

Iowa City looks to use sharpshooting to thin deer population,, March 15, 2018For a decade the city worked to control its deer population, but after seeing results in dwindling numbers, the city stopped managing it in 2010. Now, a study has found that the city’s white-tailed deer population is three times what it was nearly a decade ago.

Fatal deer disease confirmed in Wayne County – first case in wild deer outside northeast Iowa, Iowa DNR, Feb 8, 2018A hunter-harvested adult doe taken in southeast Wayne County during the first shotgun deer season has tested positive for the presence of chronic wasting disease (CWD). This is the first hunter-harvested wild deer outside of northeast Iowa to test positive for the always fatal disease. Haindfield said there have been seven additional CWD positive tests so far from deer in northeast Iowa that came from the 2017 seasons – six in Allamakee County and one in Clayton County. The Iowa DNR is awaiting the final set of test results from the special collection in Allamakee and Clayton counties in January.

Effort Underway to Test Hunted Iowa Deer for Disease,, Jan 29, 2018Dozens of tissue samples from hunted deer in Iowa have been turned over to be tested for chronic wasting disease. The samples are part of a nine-day collection effort by deer hunters and state officials that ends Sunday. The first weekend of the effort in Allamakee and Clayton counties provided 54 samples.

Urban hunters partner with cities to control deer population, DesMoines Register, Dec 21, 2017If left unchecked a deer population could double in 3-4 years according to some estimates. Facing growing numbers of interactions between deer and people, some cities are turning to local hunters for help.

Hunters, homeowners see benefit from Des Moines urban deer hunting, Des Moines Register, Dec 21, 2018If left unchecked a deer population could double in 3-4 years according to some estimates. Facing growing numbers of interactions between deer and people, some cities are turning to local hunters for help. Sixty Six deceased deer were picked up along the roadside by Urbandale Public Works in 2016, most of which they attribute to deer/vehicle encounters. Twenty years ago, Mark Tuttle hit a deer and believes hunting will help reduce the chance of that happening again.

Urban Deer Hunt in City of Davenport,, Sept 19, 2017“To help keep the population in check by hunting deer in what might be within the city limits, primarily. You know a lot of the time, hunters might have to drive distances and the urban deer population can grow a little strong and cause problems,” Hock says, “so we do allow hunters to participate in some hunting in the area, so it helps control the deer population and giving hunters the chance to hunt in those locations.”

Follow-up file: Deer herd rampages through Bettendorf neighborhood, QCTimes, April 30, 2017The now-retired biologist and Iowa State University master gardener is fed up with the deer problem in her Bettendorf neighborhood between Apple Valley and Aspen Hills Drive, so much so that she’s all but given up on her award-winning garden, which once was home to more than 250 rose bushes. She and her neighbors have witnessed and documented the deer population growing out of control and destroying vegetation despite. Elliott said she has tried every repellent she could find, including “Plantskydd, Deer Off, the Norwegian stuff, the garlic from Pennsylvania, soaps and sprays.”

Killing deer to save them? Controversial hunts target wasting disease, DesMoines Register, March 2, 2017This year, the men and about 450 other sportsmen in northeast Iowa have another shot at bagging a doe or buck because of a special harvest designed to assess a fast-spreading disease that’s fatal to deer. Sunday ends a two-week special hunt, set up to test about 300 deer within 5 miles of where the diseased animal was discovered.

Urban deer hunting flies ‘under the radar’ in the Q-C, QCTimes, Oct 1, 2016 Urban deer hunting seasons began two weeks ago in Bettendorf and Davenport. The controlled archery-only programs were implemented at separate times more than a decade ago to thin herds in the respective cities. The city of Rock Island’s annual archery hunt, which started in 2013, begins its fourth season Saturday. The Rock Island County Forest Preserve District hosts a controlled bow hunt, as well, at Loud Thunder Forest Preserve in Illinois City.

The city’s bow-hunting deer season is coming soon,, Aug 14, 2016 This year’s bowhunting proficiency test is set as interest continues on this method to control the female deer population in Council Bluffs. The bowhunting program began in 2008 as a way to reduce the ever-growing deer population, or at least maintain the numbers at a reasonable level, Dierks said. Since then, 951 does have been taken down by 432 qualified hunters.

Four things you may have missed from Tuesday’s Ames City Council meeting, Ames Tribune, July 12, 2016The council discussed the possibility of allowing urban deer hunting to continue to control the deer population in the city. The council approved the measure and said all residents wishing to take part in the hunting must purchase a special tag and register with the Ames Police Department. It is also required that participants must pass a safety course, proficiency test, hunt only from tree stands situated at least 85 feet from trails and limit shots to 75 feet or less.

Deer causes crash sending one person to hospital,, June 19, 2016A deer causes two cars to rollover sending one person to the hospital, according to the Iowa State Patrol. Troopers say both cars were going eastbound on Highway 3 when a deer ran into their paths. One car hit the deer and over turned, and the second car lost control and over turned. Both drivers were ejected from their cars.

Burlington man killed in car accident, KWQC, June 17, 2016Officers say Robinson was driving a silver 2006 Chevrolet Impala north on Highway 61 when the car hit a deer running across the road. Robinson lost control of the car and flipped into the ditch at J Avenue and Hwy 61.

Motorcyclist injured in crash with deer, Courier, June 17, 2016A motorcyclist was injured after a collision involving a deer Friday morning.

One dies in crash while trying to avoid a deer,, May 7, 2016One person dies in a crash while trying to avoid a deer in the roadway, according to the Iowa State Patrol. The Iowa State Patrol says the driver swerved to avoid a deer when he lost control of the vehicle and slid sideways off the roadway into a ditch. The car overturned coming to a rest on its top. They say two people were in the car at the time of the accident.

Swerving for Deer Leads to Crash, DubuqueNews, March 28, 2016Swerving to avoid a deer is being cited as the cause of a crash that sent a Dubuque man to the hospital late last night.
Grand Junction Man Lucky To Escape Injury In Car-Deer Accident, cbconline, March14, 2016A Grand Junction resident was lucky to escape injury during a car-deer accident yesterday (Sunday) northwest of Grand Junction. At approximately 7:55 p.m., the Greene County Sheriff’s Office responded to the accident on 170th Street near P Ave. A 2013 Chevrolet Camaro driven by 37-year-old Rick Dean Smith was eastbound on 170th when the deer ran into the roadway. Smith’s car sustained an estimated $10,500 in damages.
Council Bluffs deer hunting season nets 100 does thus far, Daily NonPareil, Dec 26, 2015The deer population within Council Bluffs is still causing problems for motorists, but without a bow-hunting program, begun in 2008, more than 2,000 additional deer might be roaming city streets, according to Public Health Director Donn Dierks.

In an effort to control the growing deer population, city officials developed and received City Council approval to start a bow-hunting program for does in 2008. As of Wednesday, 936 does have been taken over this period, Dierks said. Since does can often give birth to twins or triplets, the number of additional deer that might now be in the city could easily be 2,000 or more without the program, he said.

City contemplating deer hunting season, Decorah Newspapers, Dec 23, 2015Asked how the special zone hunts have worked in other cities, Ellingson said they have been “very successful” in communities he’s worked with including Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Dubuque, Clinton and Davenport.

Council member Andy Carlson asked whether he worked with cities comparable in size to Decorah. Ellingson said hunts have been held in Pikes Peak State Park in McGregor. McGregor officials ended the hunts when they received complaints there weren’t enough deer; however, they are considering implementing the program again.

Over $8,500 In Damages From Deer AccidentKCIM, Dec 14, 2015There was an estimated $8,500 in damages to a 2015 Toyota Camry, driven by 63-year-old Jack Don Dewitt of Jefferson, after hitting a deer Saturday evening.

Data: Iowa drivers now more likely to hit deer, KCCI Des Moines, Sept 15, 2015According to State Farm claims data, Iowa drivers are more than 13 percent more likely to collide with a deer than they were last year. State Farm reports the odds drivers will hit a deer in Iowa are now 1 in 68, compared to the national odds of 1 in 169.

Urbandale Plans to Control Deer Population with Special Hunt,, Sept 2, 2015To combat the issues the Urbandale City Council has once again voted to allow a special controlled bow hunting season from September 19th of 2015-January 10th of 2016 on antler-less deer.

Managing Iowa’s deer: Weighing safety and sport, Des Moines Register, June 13, 2015In March, Merle Wilson’s son drove to work on his motorcycle at around 6 a.m. and hit a deer less than two miles from home near the Black Hawk-Bremer County line.

The accident left Skip Wilson, 49, blind in one eye with a ruptured spleen, broken ribs, a collapsed lung and head injuries so severe he still can’t put together a sentence

Cedar Rapids bowhunt participation down, fewest deer taken in 10 years, The Gazette, Jan 17, 2015DNR warns population will rebound if hunt is stopped
Since the start of the hunt in 2005, the city has seen a 57 percent reduction in the number of deer killed by vehicles, Buelow said.

Urban Deer Management Program Concludes 2014-2015 Season, City of Cedar Rapids, Jan 13, 2015Since the inception of the hunt in 2004, the City of Cedar Rapids has shown a nearly 57 percent reduction in the number of deer killed on the roadway.

URBAN HUNTING: Iowa’s Whitetail Deer Herd Manageable,, March27, 2014The DNR says no one has ever been injured by an urban hunter.

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