Lawmakers Working On Bill To Control Deer Population,, March 8, 2017Frankfort lawmakers are working on Senate Bill 83 which would allow deer hunters more opportunities in the field, such as special hunts or issuance of more hunting tags. Marraccini said that with the new bill, officials could target problem areas with deer-related car accidents and open up hunting in that specific site to tone down the growth.

Edgewood residents feeling overcrowded with deer, Fox19, March 2, 2017“The gentleman that fixed my car said that had my windshield been a little more vertical it would have gone through and been in my lap,” said Huffman. The deer continue to multiply because Edgewood has an ordinance that prevents firing weapons including a bow and arrow.

No Injuries After Deer Causes Lee Co. School Bus Driver to Swerve Off Road,, Nov 21, 2016Kentucky State Police say a deer jumped into the path of a Lee County school bus Monday morning, prompting the driver to swerve off the road and into a ditch.

Fort Mitchell may cull deer population the old-fashioned way: with bows and arrows, WCPO Cincinnati, Sept 22, 2016FORT MITCHELL, Ky. — Like many Northern Kentucky communities, Fort Mitchell is locking horns with a burgeoning deer population and the consequences of that population boom. Deer may be largely passive herbivores, but they can still have a damaging impact on surrounding areas when their numbers aren’t kept in check. Too many deer grazing can wreak havoc on local ecology, according to the Ecological Society of America, and too many deer trying to cross the road near populated areas can mean any uptick in car wrecks – some of which will be deadly.

Wildlife managers welcome deer harvest spike, Paducah Sun, Jan 24, 2016Jenkins said if the time ever comes when Kentuckians take so many deer that the population is reduced to less than ideal, the herd can be regrown quickly by natural reproduction and restricted harvest regulations. On the other hand, if the deer population grows to the extent of creating habitat damage and bad social issues – essentially, out of control – it is much more difficult to reduce it back to a satisfactory level, Jenkins said.

Tellico Village community debates merits of deer control, Knoxville Sentinel, Dec 26, 2015Over the past several weeks some members of the Kahite neighborhood have proposed a plan that, if approved by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, would allow Kahite residents to hire a certified animal damage control company that would thin the herd by trapping deer in electronically-monitored snares and dispatching them with suppressed firearms. The venison would be donated to the Good Shepherd Center of Monroe County to feed the hungry, and the project would cost between $8,000 and $9,000, to be split among Kahite community members.

Fort Wright allows deer hunting,, Oc 2, 2014The ordinance allows hunting within the city limits “by discharging an arrow from a bow or crossbow,” as long as the hunter has had an education course approved by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.

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