Missoula (Montana) City Council sets sights on urban deer, Missoulian, Sept 6, 2017The trapping method has been used in Helena since 2008, to cull around 150 deer per year to keep the population in check. Off-duty police officers (who volunteer for the job and receive overtime pay) set up traps, kill trapped deer with a bolt gun and clean the carcasses.

City’s deer cull quota approved, Independent Record, Feb 19, 2016As deer related incidents increased corresponding to rising deer populations and densities in the mid-2000s, the City of Helena Urban Wildlife Taskforce — made up of city officials, members of the public and wildlife specialists — developed an urban deer management plan. The plan called for reducing densities from 33 to 25 deer per square mile. Without culling, the plan said, the estimated population of 700 deer would exceed 1,800 by 2010. The city began culling deer in 2008.

City’s deer cull quota approved, Independent Record, Feb 18, 2019The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission signed off on quota ranges for the city of Helena’s urban deer cull for the 2016/2017 biennium.

Deer triggers crash that kills Bridger man, Great Falls Tribune, Feb 8, 2016Montana Highway Patrol says a 53-year-old Bridger man was traveling northbound when his pickup struck a deer just after 6:30 a.m. The deer smashed the man’s windshield and caused the pickup’s airbag to deploy, disorienting the driver, and he hit another vehicle.

Helena asks state to continue urban deer culling program, Great Falls Tribune, Dec 29, 2015After the program started in 2008, deer-related calls to police dropped to 258 in 2009 and then to 176 in 2010. Calls reached a five-year low in 2014 with 154, and then increased to 224 through Dec. 15 this year.

Missoula strives for balance in dealing with urban deer,, Nov 27, 2014A report from the MDT states that over 32,000 carcasses have been picked up by maintenance crews across Montana in the last five years – including over 3,000 in Missoula County. Montana ranks sixth in the county for likelihood of getting in a deer related incident.

Urban deer: Cute but a growing nuisance in Missoula , Missoulian, May 19, 2015“The concern with birth control is just the expense of it, and the continued effort with it has not proven to be very cost effective or very successful over the long term,” Crowser said.

Helena gets approval to cull 70 deer in 2014, Independent Record, Dec 12 2013
After lengthy studies and community meetings, FWP authorized the city to remove 350 urban deer in 2008. Since then, they’ve taken out 740 deer, which is an average of 123 per year, according to Ken McDonald, the FWP wildlife bureau manager. The goal is to get the population down to about 25 per square mile.

City considers ways to rein in Missoula’s urban deer, May 21 2012Wilkins and Councilor Dick Haines are leading the charge to tackle the urban deer issue. Both said the effort will take money, but Wednesday, Wilkins requested that Jim Burchfield, dean of the University of Montana College of Forestry and Conservation, see if the campus can help. Burchfield agreed.

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