Colfax County Deputy Dies in Accident Involving Deer Carcass, NP Post, Jan 13, 2016Colfax County Attorney Denise Kracl says 36-year-old deputy Dan Coughlin of Fremont was driving eastbound on Highway 30 Tuesday morning when his car struck a deer carcass in the road. The force from striking the deer caused the vehicle to cross the center line and collide with a westbound car.

Four women killed in Nebraska crash when SUV swerves to avoid deer, Reuters, Oct 25, 2015Four women with ties to Creighton University in Nebraska were killed when their compact SUV swerved to avoid a deer and crossed the centerline on a state highway, where it was struck broadside by a mid-sized SUV, police said on Sunday.

Bowhunting Can Be An Effective Tool For Deer Herd Control, Beatrice Daily Sun, Nov 4, 2015For example, Granville, Ohio enacted an ordinance that allows bowhunting inside the city limits. Hunting will be permitted on public and private property within town boundaries. Of course, anti-hunting groups objected to the ordinance, recommending that the village adopt deer birth control methodologies. Just a reminder to those that think this might be a good idea, all attempts to date to use deer birth control methods, anywhere, have proven to be woefully ineffective. The hunting program is working well.

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