New Hampshire

Small plane hits deer, flips during landing in Keene, WMUR, May 11, 2016The plane flipped over off the side of the runway after striking the deer. The two people on board suffered what were described as minor injuries and were not taken to a hospital.
Warm weather contributes to Hanover’s deer problem, The Dartmouth, Jan 14, 2016Higher temperatures have kept deer in the area active longer, as more fall-like weather continued into the end of 2015. Hanover town officials are currently waiting to determine to what extent new hunting regulations addressed the problem of an increasing deer population in the Upper Valley over the past few years.

“The most basic takeaway is that we need help from hunters, and they need to be taking doe in order to bring the deer population down to a reasonable level,” she said.

Too Many Deer in N.H.?, Valley News, March 17, 2015Have you noticed certain plants, such as native lilies, pink lady slipper orchids or trillium disappearing in nearby woodlands? Certain garden plants such as hostas disappearing? Seedling sugar maples not growing into saplings? A forest understory bare of plants — or reduced to a mass of ferns? Do you see lots of invasive plants, such as buckthorn, garlic mustard and barberry filling empty spaces in nearby woods or in your yard? Have you or any neighbors had Lyme disease? Have you had or become aware of vehicle collisions with deer? Do you see deer often or in large numbers — say, more than four at a time? A yes to any of these questions indicates a problem with deer numbers. If you answered yes, you should be interested to know that the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game is revising its deer management plan.

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