North Dakota

Fargo’s 11th annual urban deer hunt sets new record, KFGO, May 12, 201749 deer were harvested in Fargo’s 11th annual 2016-2017 urban deer hunt. That’s a new record. The seasons run from the end of August through the end of January, in approved locations along the Red River, much of it park district property. Wittlesey says without the special season, the urban deer herd would grow out of control. Fargo started the bow hunt to curb the deer population in 2006 in response to complaints from property owners about damage and other problems caused by the deer population.

When it comes to controlling deer herds in urban areas, cities have options, Grand Forks Herald, Jan 23, 2017“Any type of lethal control in urban landscapes is incredibly controversial because people tend to be very polarized on whether or not deer should be taken in these areas,” he said, adding there are ethical and safety concerns. “In my opinion, deer management should occur in cities, and it should be a part of the regular business of city council.”

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