Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s Large Deer Population More Immediate Threat to State’s Forests Than Climate Change, RI eco, Dec 1, 2016Rhode Island’s forests are already facing what some say is an even greater threat than climate change: an overabundance of deer. That’s the warning from foresters, biologists and ecologists from throughout the Northeast, who say that even without climate change, Rhode Island’s forests are in trouble unless the state’s deer herd can be reduced and managed more effectively.

“They’ve browsed all of the favorable species like oaks and maples, they’ve destroyed our wildflowers, and a lot of the understory plants they like to eat are the ones we rely on for the future stocking of the forest,” Tremblay said. “What’s worse, they don’t like invasive species, so barberry and buckthorn and other invasives are growing like crazy. The end result is a complete alteration of the forest, where the invasives have a leg up.”

1 dead after driver hits deer in roll over crash, NBC10 News, June 10, 2016One person died in a rollover crash on Interstate 295 south near exit 6 in Johnston Friday morning after the driver hit a deer.
Police said the driver was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the SUV after it rolled over several times and landed on the passenger side.

The second and third lanes of the highway were closed shortly after the crash occurred around 5 a.m. The scene was clear as of 7:30 a.m. The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management reported that there were 92 deer-related crashes in 2014.

Police euthanize injured deer on Beach Street after accident, The Westerly Sun, March 1, 2016A Westerly officer was forced to euthanize a deer around 7 p.m. Monday evening just shortly after the deer struck the side of a car that had been traveling through the neighborhood.

HSUS’s Intimidation Tactics in Rhode Island, HumaneWatch.org, Aug 13, 2015For over a month, Rhode Island State Senator Susan Sosnowksi has endured the bullying of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). The radical animal-rights group has taken out full-page ads attacking the Senator, passed around inflammatory fliers in her hometown farmers market, and accused Sosnowski of “doing the bidding of animal abusers.”

Bounty incentive helps Block Island control deer population, SeattlePI.com, June 2, 2015Officials say local hunters took down more than 400 deer in Block Island’s recent hunting season, calling it a success.

Town manager Nancy Dodge tells Rhode Island Public Radio that this year resident hunters were offered a bounty of $150 per deer tail. Dodge says the bounty was a good incentive, and the town had more deer taken than what was offered under the professional contract. Connecticut-based White Buffalo, Inc. would’ve charged $128,000 to kill 200 deer.

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