Deer culling idea up for debate in Hendersonville, The Tennessean, June 8, 2015Ames said on Monday he expects the committee to discuss the results of aerial surveys conducted March 21 and April 11. The survey covered 45 square miles and included all of the current city limits as well as planned expansion, according to a USDA Wildlife Services’ report obtained by the Star News. The report says that 436 deer were observed during the survey and estimates that there are at least 872 deer, or 19.4 deer per square mile.

Hendersonville’s deer culling proposal gets another shot, The Tennessean, Jan 14, 2015Hendersonville leaders passed on Tuesday an ordinance that could make the city the first in the state to hire sharpshooters certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to cull its urban deer herd. The ordinance recommended by the committee passed on first reading Dec. 9 — but had been amended to remove three key sections that would allow up to $18,000 for the first year of a deer control program. The program would call for the baiting of deer to private land and the removal of them by sharpshooters certified by the USDA. Deer meat would then be donated to local food banks. The plan included an aerial survey both before and after the culling at a cost of $6,000.

Hendersonville deer committee backs 6-week USDA hunt, Tennessean, Aug 13, 2014“We looked at all the options from doing nothing to contraception,” said Alderman Don Ames, a member of the committee. “And this was the best program we could come up with.” Besides the use of lethal measures, other solutions include placing deer crossing or warning signs in areas of the city where the number of deer collisions are high; providing information to the public about how to repel or deter deer; and establishing an ongoing committee to monitor the program’s progress and recommend future management techniques.

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