U.S. Department of Agriculture Puts Down 25% of Port Mansfield Deer for Tick Control, KVEO.com, July 20, 2018Port Mansfield has seen the removal of about 25% of the existing white-tailed deer population for the purpose of combatting cattle fever ticks.

Viral video of Lakeway deer control program reignites outrage, KVUE, March 14, 2018By 1997, the deer population in Lakeway had grown to an estimated 2,600 animals, nearly five times what would be considered a reasonable maximum density for the area at that time, according to the city. Deer trapping is a state program implemented by the city of Lakeway to control the overpopulation of deer. All traps are set on city-owned land or private land where the owner has given written permission to set traps. Deer are not killed at the traps, but instead are taken to a processing plant and their meat is sent to local food banks, the city said.

Granite Shoals deer management program OK’d for second year, Daily Trib.com, April 4, 2017During its regular March 28 meeting, the Granite Shoals City Council approved a second year of the program that uses a small number of qualified bowhunters to kill white-tailed deer within the city limits. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department helped create the program. City Manager Ken Nickel said the program was successful in its first year, so it was no-brainer to approve it for a second round, noting it has even caught the attention of other Texas cities.

Group seeks sterilization program to control Lakeway’s deer population, Statesman, Dec 22, 2016DeNicola said he has seen reductions in deer populations in several cities in which he’s started sterilization programs. But the sterilization pilot program would be considerably more expensive than funding a deer survey and more expensive than the city’s existing Trap, Transport and Process program, for which the city budgets $33,000 annually. Cross has set her sights on an estimated $88,000 for the sterilization program for the first year, with costs predicted to decrease in subsequent years.

Garden Ridge leaders say trapping deer only option legally available to control population, KSAT12, Nov 16, 2016The city hires professional trappers, who use nets that fall on the animal. In 2015, the city said 131 deer were captured; an additional 35 have been caught in 2016. Once the deer are captured they are slaughtered and their meat is processed and donated to food shelters around the state.

TPWD merits support in fight against chronic wasting disease, MySA.com, June 19, 2016The fairest way to deal with the threat of chronic wasting disease is not to expose the rest of the state’s wild deer herd to this fatal disease, but instead to take all necessary steps to control and limit the spread before it is too late

Nonprofit pays for deer census, Statesman, June 16, 2016Lakeway-based nonprofit organization Citizen Advocates for Animals received approval from Lakeway city staff to have a deer survey performed within the city, provided they pay for the process themselves. The biologist may then propose a nonlethal deer population control method alongside the city’s current trap, transport and process system, but Citizen Advocates for Animals would be responsible for funding the nonlethal program.

New CWD Cases Discovered at Captive Deer Breeding Facilities, Texas Parks And Wildlife News Release, April 4, 2016Two new cases of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in Texas captive deer, including the first confirmed from a live test tonsillar biopsy sample, have been validated. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) and Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) are conducting an epidemiological investigation into these new cases.

Deer disease confirmed in Hartley Co., WALB, Feb 28, 2016HARTLEY COUNTY, TX (KFDA) – The first case of a disease fatal to deer has been confirmed in the Panhandle. A free-ranging mule deer in Hartley County tested positive for chronic wasting disease (CWD).

Deer cull to stop wasting disease near San Antonio proceeds slowly, Dallas Daily News, Feb 25, 2016State officials say the program to check the spread of chronic wasting disease among white-tailed deer by culling the free-ranging herd proceeds slowly despite a judge’s rejection of a legal challenge to the program.

Eradication is believed to be impossible once the disease is established in a population.

Group petitioning Lakeway to change ‘inhumane’ methods of managing deer population, Fox7.com, Austin, Feb 16, 2016“Any animal that gets a net dropped on them, any animal that gets its horns cut off, any animal that gets picked up and put in a trailer upside down that’s traumatized you know?” said someone in the video.(PETA)
Granite Shoals studies bowhunting as deer population control within city, Daily Trib, Jan 28, 2016During a workshop Jan. 26, members of the Wildlife Advisory Committee recommended the city adopt a pilot wildlife management harvesting program for the deer population. The program calls for a team of 10 archery hunters. “There are very a select number of properties with very few houses around them,” City Manager Ken Nickel said. “Safety is the ultimate goal.” The city has been grappling with how to address the burgeoning white-tailed deer population. The council created the Wildlife Advisory Committee in 2014 to study ways of addressing deer numbers. The committee held town hall meetings to solicit resident input as well as worked with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department officials.

Residents and Lakeway staff face off over deer management policies, Community Impact, Dec 9, 2015Lakeway trapped 125 deer in 2013-14 at a cost of $28,353, City Manager Steve Jones said. The city has a permit with TPWD for its deer management program and, under this permit, is limited to trapping 250 deer annually.

“Our main goal is to have a healthy deer population and to minimize the negative impacts on our residents,” he said. “We don’t have a number [to trap].”

Jones said city staffers were told by a TPWD biologist that a census of the deer population will not provide reliable information in an urban environment.

Temple Police ID man killed in deer accident,TDTNews.com, Dec 7, 2015Fields was driving a black Hyundai when a deer running across the road collided with a silver Nissan, vaulted into the northbound lane and entered the Hyundai’s windshield. Fields died at the scene.

A Hill Country Safety Hazard – Deer Overpopulation, Texas Hill Country, Dec 7, 2015…the population of deer, at least in the Delaware Springs area, has quadrupled. It has just exploded. There are some folks that feed deer directly in their driveway. About 5 o’clock in the evening, there will be 30 or 40 deer roaming across the road.”

Communities battle deer populations blamed for crashes, health hazards, Daily Trib.com, Dec 1, 2015Motorist safety, property damage and the potential for diseased herds have prompted several cities in the Highland Lakes to take steps to rid their communities of an overabundance of white-tailed deer, officials say.
Deer crashes through windshield, into backseat of car on Sam Rayburn Tollway in Plano, Dallas Morning News, Nov 13, 2015In video provided by the North Texas Tollway Authority, the deer is seen darting into oncoming traffic before slamming into Coleman’s Mercedes Benz. The deer bounced off his hood and shattered his windshield and sunroof. Coleman thought the deer flew over his car, but it ended up in the back seat.

4th case of chronic wasting disease confirmed in South Texas, MySA, Aug 15, 2015A fourth case of chronic wasting disease has been confirmed in deer in South Texas. The latest infected deer was raised in Medina County at the same ranch as the other three animals, prompting an increase in testing of both captive-bred and hunter-harvested deer statewide.

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