Oh, deer. If you’re a Bellingham resident who likes to do this, you might have to stop, Bellingham Herald, Sept 18, 2017The Bellingham City Council is considering a ban after hearing from residents frustrated by neighbors who purposefully feed deer, drawing them in great numbers and exacerbating problems that come with a burgeoning deer population, according to city officials.

“Everyone on my street has a story. I’ve sustained over three thousand dollars in property damage and you might recall, a buck rammed his antlers into my window because my cat was sitting on the other side,” she wrote to the council. “Within the past two months two dogs have been seriously injured on my block from aggressive bucks.

Two hospitalized after motorcycle hits deer, veers into oncoming traffic, Spokesman, June 6, 2016A motorcyclist was critically injured Sunday night after striking a deer and veering into an SUV that was traveling in the opposite direction on Nine Mile Falls Road

Deer weathering Methow’s snowy winter, Methow Valley News, Feb 11, 2016On average, about 52 percent of the mule deer fawns die during winter.

The intent of increasing hunting permits was to reduce the mule deer population to a level that the decreased winter range can support.

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