Cull protesters are wasting our money

The deer cull protesters are wasting our taxpayer money.

Per MLive, they are showing up at the cull sites and “When they see sharpshooters, they yell, “Stop the shoot! Save the deer!” …. FAAWN member Lisa Abrams said they’re exercising their right to peacefully protest.”

What they are doing is actually illegal. Sec. 40112 of Michigan law says, “An individual shall not obstruct or interfere in the lawful taking of animals or fish by another individual.” The city has a legal permit to remove the deer. The protesters’ intent is to scare off the deer, or annoy the sharpshooters, or both. Deer aren’t going to walk into a site with a lot of unusual noise. That means that for the sharpshooters to do the job they were hired to do, they need to work more hours and charge the city more. Or they don’t get the target number of deer. A small group of protesters seek to undo the will of Council and undermine the deer management program. This is not how democracy works. Hopefully, the law can be enforced. A few fines will make the point – it’s $500 for the first offense and $1000 for the second offense. Here is the relevant statute:

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