Rabid Deer Found, CentralPA.com, Aug 8, 2014A white-tailed deer has tested positive for rabies.

The Department of Health says the deer was found in Empire Court Trailer Park in Centre Hall. The department urges anyone who may have been bitten or exposed to saliva, fluids or tissue from the deer to call Centre County State Health Center.

Deer attack rescuers treated for rabies, Pennsylvania Outdoor News, July 31, 2014 This was the first reported case of rabies in a deer in Pennsylvania so far this year, putting it on par with 2013, when just one case was reported the entire calendar year, according to the Pennsylvania State Health Department. There were three reported cases in 2012 and two in 2011. In recent years, the annual number of reported rabies cases involving any mammal averaged below 400 statewide.

Deer scavenger may risk rabies exposure, News 4 Buffalo, April 28, 2014Officials tell the Albany Times Union that a resident shot the deer Thursday on County Route 16 in Hollowville, 32 miles south of Albany. The animal had been disoriented, stumbling into trees and a fence, and state Department of Environmental Conservation officials were scheduled to pick up the carcass to test for rabies.

Rabid deer prompts warning for hunters, Philly.com, Oct 17, 2013

Deer with rabies kicks LaVale woman in the face, CTN, July 16, 2012The last thing Theresa Stevens expected to happen July 6 was to be kicked in the face by a deer, especially a deer that had rabies. Stevens said she had let her Yorkie out of the house at 6 a.m. when she looked up and found herself nose to nose with a deer. It stood up on its back legs and hit me in the cheek with one hoof and on the shoulder with the other.

Hunter Exposed to Rabies After Field-Dressing Deer, Bowhunter, Feb6, 2012If you’re in the stand and see a deer that looks a little sick, chances are you might want to keep your distance.

Hunter Exposed to Rabies by Growling Deer, D+DH, Feb 2, 2012“The hunter said that he saw the deer standing in a creek, straining and growling. He thought there was a coyote nearby from the sounds the deer was making.

“All mammals are susceptible to rabies and can spread the virus in the right circumstances,” Dr. Cottrell said.

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