Sportsmen Against Hunger

Since 1991, the Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger (MSAH) has been working to create linkages between donors, wild game processors, and charities that feed needy individuals.

Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger– Channeling Precious Natural Resources Into Opportunities for a Better Community

Press Release
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March 21, 2014

Contact: Raymond Rustem, 517-284-6070 or Ed Golder, 517-284-5815

Hunters and anglers provide record support for
Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger venison collection program

Thanks to the generosity of many hunters and anglers, Michigan food banks and kitchens will have more fresh venison for meals provided to their visitors. During the 2013-14 license year, the Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger (MSAH) program received more than $50,000 – a record amount – in donations from Michigan outdoorsmen and women.

This voluntary donation program has been part of Michigan’s hunting and fishing license-buying experience since 2005, but achieved a record donation level last year.

Michigan hunters can help fill food bank freezers with Sportsmen Against Hunger program, Michigan Department Natural Resources, Nov 14, 2014Since 1991, Sportsmen Against Hunger has helped connect wild game processors with hunters by providing a list of the processors that participate in the program. Hunters can simply drop off their deer at one of the facilities and the program will reimburse the processors $1 per pound for the venison that goes into the program.

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