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Barton Hills had 10 Deer Crashes in 2019

Deer Crashes 2019 – Ann Arbor City and Adjacent Townships; City of Ann Arbor deer crash map, here are crash maps for the adjacent townships. Ann Arbor Township had 67 deer crashes in 2019

    Ann Arbor

    2019  (Year of 4th cull, after third sterilization)  50
    2018 (Year of 3rd cull and second sterilization)      55   
    2017:(Year of 2nd cull and first sterilization)       56   
    2016  (Year of first cull)                            73   
    2015                                                  90
    2014                                                  51

How to Avoid Collisions With Deer This Fall, Consumer Reports, Oct 22, 2019The State Farm insurance company estimates that there were over 1.9 million animal collision insurance claims this past year. The costs really add up. The Highway Data Loss Institute (HLDI) reports that the severity of crashes also increases in the fall. The average cost of November animal-strike claims over the past 13 years was $3,560, compared with $2,801 for February, the month with the least severe crashes.

Driver and Passenger Die After SUV Hits Deer and Trees, USNews, April 22, 201929-year-old driver and his 27-year-old passenger died when an SUV hit a deer on a state highway, then ran off the road and hit several trees.

Report: Deer crashes up in Michigan, down nationwide,, Oct 4, 2018A new report from State Farm Insurance shows deer crashes are up in 2018 for Michigan. Forget basics car repair needs when it comes to collisions like this; deer have the ability to destroy cars! Michigan moved up to No. 8 on the nationwide list, with a one-in-80 chance of hitting a deer with your car. It was one-in-85 a year ago. According to State Farm, nearly 88,000 deer claims were reported between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018. The number of crashes reported in our state rose from 46,870 in 2016 to 50,949 in 2017. Not all insurance claims are accompanied by a crash report, hence the different numbers.

Do Car Deer Whistles Work?, Livewire, Oct 3, 2018It’s only natural to look for ways to avoid deer collisions, and many people swear that devices like deer whistles really do work. However, all available evidence appears to favor proven car safety technologies, and techniques like defensive driving, as more effective at avoiding deer collisions than deer whistles.

8 things to know about Michigan deer-vehicle crashes, MLive, Oct 1, 2018One of six Michigan traffic accidents in 2017 were caused by a collision with a deer. In October and November 2017, it was one in three, according to Michigan State Police data. Michigan had 50,949 collisions involving deer in 2017, plus another 3.056 caused by a driver trying to avoid hitting a deer.

Do the bumper-mounted deer whistles sold to help alert whitetails really work?, Deer + Deer Hunting, Nov 17, 2017Based upon the observed response of 319 deer, the researchers concluded the pure tones did not alter deer behavior in such a way as to prevent deer-vehicle collisions. In other words, the simulated sounds of deer whistles were no more effective than no sound at all. Overall, 54 percent to 71 percent of the observations were classified as neutral, meaning more than half the time deer did not alter their behavior in response to the test vehicle. Only the lowest frequency tested (.28 kHz) produced a significant response. And that was unfavorable, because deer were more likely to enter the roadway in response to the treatment.

Kansas teen dies after deer hit by another car smashes into hers; 3 other deer-related crashes reported over holiday, LJWorld, Nov 24, 2017Deer are blamed for causing at least four Thanksgiving Day crashes on Kansas highways, including one that killed a teen, according to authorities.

The most dangerous animal for Kentucky drivers? For the rest of the year, it’s deer, Courier Journal, Oct 24, 2017Run-ins with deer on roadways cause millions of vehicle accidents every year. The next three months have the highest number of deer-car collisions in Kentucky.

Michigan Deer-Vehicle Crashes By The Numbers, We Love Ann Arbor, Oct 17, 2017According to a study conducted by State Farm, Michigan is the eighth most dangerous state for motor vehicle collisions with large animals such as deer, moose and elk. On average, one of every 85 Michigan drivers will have an insurance claim for damage from hitting a deer.

Which Michigan communities have the most deer-vehicle accidents?, MLive, Oct 17, 2017By County: #1 is Midland, #2 is Rochester Hills, #8 is Scio Township

Look up 2016 deer accidents in your Michigan community, MLive, Oct 16, 2017

Ann Arbor Crash Data, 2016, SEMCOG, July 2017

Washtenaw County Crash Data, 2016, SEMCOG, July 2017

Ann Arbor Deer-Car Accident 2005-2015

Based on this new information of deer accidents occurring in 2015, here is the 2015 map of deer accidents. There are actually more points on this map than came from the 88 deer-vehicle accidents reported to and by the Michigan State Police and Dave Atkins.
We are beginning to collect information on deer accidents and sightings for 2016. Please report occurances/information to [email protected] For 2016 data, see

Monessen,PA : Deer carcass, speed are factors in teen’s fatal Ligonier Township crash on October, Wednesday 4th 2017, Accidents in US, Oct 4, 2017Ligonier Township Police said Wednesday that a high school junior who died Tuesday while driving to school on his 17th birthday with his younger brother lost control of his car after hitting a deer carcass.

Study: Michigan drivers 8th most likely to hit a deer, other large animal, Detroit4, Oct 2, 2017The top ten states a driver was most likely to have a claim from a collision with a deer, elk or moose in the 2016-2017 study are:
1. West Virginia 1 in 43 chance
2. Montana 1 in 57 chance
3. Pennsylvania 1 in 63 chance
4. Iowa 1 in 69 chance
5. Wisconsin 1 in 72 chance
6. South Dakota 1 in 73 chance
7. Minnesota 1 in 74 chance
8. Wyoming 1 in 79 chance
9. Michigan 1 in 85 chance
10. North Dakota 1 in 87 chance
The average cost for deer-vehicle claims has gone up nationwide to $4,179 from $3,995. The likelihood of colliding with a large animal more than doubles during the months of October, November and December, during deer mating season.

Deer Caught in the Headlights? Your Car May Soon See Them, New York Times, July 20, 2017Automakers have already developed technologies to prevent cars from crashing into other vehicles and to recognize pedestrians entering and crossing a roadway. Now they are working to give cars the capability of avoiding animals like deer.

Deer crashes through windshield into passenger seat, Kare11news, July 10, 2017Authorities from the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office posted photos Monday morning of a deer that came crashing through a driver’s windshield, tumbling into the car’s passenger seat.

Victims of deadly multi-vehicle crash on I-81 identified, CNYCentral, July 6, 2017State Police at the scene said a truck hauling milk was driving north on I-81 when the driver swerved to avoid hitting deer in the road. The driver, a 38-year-old from Watertown, told troopers the tanker then jackknifed across the roadway.

Coral man hits deer, then is struck by another vehicle, TheDailyNews, July 5, 2017Preliminary investigation revealed that a 61-year-old Coral man was stopped on Kendaville Road after striking a deer. The passenger car he was driving was then struck by an eastbound Ford truck driven by a 28-year-old man from Sand Lake. The impact caused the car to split in half and catch fire and the Coral man suffered fatal injuries from the crash.

Bus driver says she swerved to miss deer before crash that injured 15, WYMT, April 24, 2017The bus was on the way to vocational school around 8 a.m. when it crashed Highway 28 near Gays Creek, between Buckhorn and Chavies. The driver of the bus said she swerved to avoid a deer when she lost control of the bus and ran over an embankment. Of the 14 students injured, 12 were taken to the hospital by ambulance and two left with their parents. School officials say the injuries are not life threatening.

Woman injured in car-deer accident, Huron Daily Tribune, Jan 31, 2017A 57-year-old Harbor Beach woman was injured when her vehicle hit a deer on East Kinde Road near Tomlinson Road Monday evening.

Michigan had 47,007 deer-vehicle crashes in 2015, and 6 more facts, MLink, Oct 10, 2016The average claim for a deer-vehicle collision is $4,000

  • Deer Running Across the Road Causes 4 Cars to Crash, US News, June 5, 2017A deer darting across the Garden State Park way in New Jersey this weekend set in motion a series of crashes that hospitalized five people.
  • 2 children killed after car avoids deer, hit by truck in Strongsville, WKBN, June 10, 2010The state Highway Patrol says two children have been killed after the car they were riding in swerved to avoid a deer and was struck by a semi-trailer on the Ohio Turnpike outside Cleveland.
  • Minnesota motorist killed after oncoming vehicle hits deer, crashes into her head-on,, Dec 20, 2016A northwestern Minnesota motorist was killed Monday when an oncoming vehicle struck a deer and then crossed over the center line before colliding with the victim’s SUV head-on.
  • School Bus Overturns, Students Injured, Dec 16, 2016Elementary school students in eastern North Carolina are being treated for injuries after their school bus overturned when the driver said he swerved to avoid deer that ran in front of the bus during the morning commute.
  • Deer Are Blamed for Crashes, East Hampton Star, Dec 15, 2016An 87-year-old man survived a rollover crash on Napeague Friday night after swerving to avoid a deer. Edward L. Schiff, 87, of Manhattan, complained of neck pain after the crash, in which his 2008 Nissan sedan struck a fence and a utility pole. Several other drivers were involved in collisions with deer last week. [6 others reported]
  • Pierce Co. driver severely injured avoiding deer on the road, WQOW, Nov 19, 2016Early Saturday morning, a woman in Pierce County was taken to the hospital after trying to avoid a deer on the road.
  • Pedestrian injured when hit by deer after Clarksville crash, WKRN, Nov 18, 2016A car struck a deer on Providence Boulevard around 5 p.m. Thursday, causing the deer to crash into a pedestrian. Clarksville police reported the pedestrian was transported to Tennova Healthcare for treatment of several broken bones.
  • Two Injured Avoiding a Deer in Martin County, WZDM, Nov 18, 2016Robbins was trapped in the truck; emergency crews had to cut him from his vehicle. He was taken to Jasper Memorial Hospital with complaint of pain to his ribs and legs. Smith was treated on the scene for minor injuries.
  • Leicester driver injured after SUV catches fire avoiding deer, 7 News, Boston, Nov 2, 2016A man was injured after police said he crashed his SUV trying to avoid hitting a deer in Leicester.
  • Want to Save Money on Car Insurance? Buy a Mountain Lion., The Slate, Dec 16, 2016There are too many deer on the East Coast. They destroy gardens and are vectors for disease. They’re also the most dangerous animals in America, thanks to their tendency to collide with vehicles. Nationwide, the chance that you might hit a deer while driving this year is 1 in 170.
  • No Injuries After Deer Causes Lee Co. School Bus Driver to Swerve Off Road,, Nov 21, 2016Kentucky State Police say a deer jumped into the path of a Lee County school bus Monday morning, prompting the driver to swerve off the road and into a ditch.
  • Buck chasing doe causes chain-reaction crash on Pat Bay Highway, Vancouver Island News, Oct 26, 2016 According to witnesses, a car crash was triggered by a buck chasing a doe into traffic in Saanich Wednesday – just two days after an aggressive deer attacked a woman and her dog on the South Island. The chain-reaction crash occurred on the Pat Bay Highway near McKenzie Avenue in the afternoon, sending people in two vehicles to hospital with minor injuries.
  • Roscommon County Crash Leaves Three People Dead, One Seriously Hurt, News9&10, Oct 20, 2016Three people killed and a driver seriously hurt in a Roscommon County crash. Troopers say the car with four inside it hit a deer while driving on Reilly Road, just south of Houghton Lake. They say the car dragged the deer about a quarter mile.
  • Michigan’s top 20 counties for deer-vehicle collisions in 2015, MLive, Oct 11, 2016

  • MICHIGAN MOTOR VEHICLE-DEER INVOLVED CRASHES, Office of Highway Safety Planning, 2016Michigan motorists reported 47,002 vehicle-deer crashes in 2015. As a result of those collisions, 1,132 people were injured and 11 people were killed. Five of the people killed were motorcycle riders. Of the 47,219 vehicles involved, 36,088 (76.4%) were passenger cars, 8,221 (17.4%) were pickups, and 1,612 (3.4%) were minivans, vans, or motorhomes. All other vehicle types (including motorcycle, snowmobile, ORV/ATV, large truck, and moped; uncoded and errors are also included) totaled 1,298 (2.7%)
      Washtenaw County: Shaded cells are “year of most crashes in city/township”

      2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
      Washtenaw County: Ann Arbor 31 35 28 35 30 44 54 42 45 50 51 90 535
      Washtenaw County: Ann Arbor Twp. 66 80 67 74 66 67 60 55 51 72 76 102 836
      Washtenaw County: Scio Twp. 150 130 134 133 108 119 153 145 89 121 120 138 1,540
      Washtenaw County: Lodi Twp. 64 59 54 51 52 57 58 37 43 46 25 40 586
      Washtenaw County: Pittsfield Twp. 57 61 63 54 66 72 79 58 66 54 54 71 755
      TOTAL 368 365 346 347 322 359 404 337 294 343 326 441 4,252

      Ann Arbor (City): rose from 51 in 2014 to 90 in 2015.

  • Mich. deaths in deer-vehicle crashes rise to 11 in ’15, Detroit News, Oct 11, 2016The statewide total of deer and vehicle crashes in 2015 was 47,001, a 2.8 percent increase from a year earlier, with Oakland County leading the region and the state, according to the MSP figures. The total remains lower than in 2010, when there were 55,867 deer-vehicle crashes. In southeast Michigan, there were 5,871 vehicle-deer crashes last year, up 314 from 2014, according to SEMCOG, which released figures Tuesday analyzed from the Criminal Justice Information Center.
  • Deer campaign continues C&GNews, Oct 4, 2016Based on aerial counts taken last February, DeVoe estimates the city’s deer population to be between 1,200 and 1,800. A campaign to increase drivers’ awareness of deer on the roads has helped lower the number of crashes, which totaled 144 last year. Oakland County had the highest number of car/deer crashes — 1,873 in 2015.
  • When deer strike back: Animal, hit by car, tries to get to N.J. driver, USA Today, Sept 28, 2016“Before I could even get my door open the whole way, it was basically on top of me,” Sager recalled. “I grabbed hold of its antlers, and put my foot in its chest just trying to keep hm from coming in further. I got him out of the way enough for me to close the door.”
  • Deer Stats by State-2016.pdf, State Farms, Sept 15, 2016MICHIGAN had a 14.1% increase in the likelihood of hitting a deer between 2015 and 2016: 82,702 7,046,433 1 in 85 8 72,109 6,986,587 1 in 97 10 14.1% Increase

  • Deer causes crash sending one person to hospital,, June 19, 2016A deer causes two cars to rollover sending one person to the hospital, according to the Iowa State Patrol. Troopers say both cars were going eastbound on Highway 3 when a deer ran into their paths. One car hit the deer and over turned, and the second car lost control and over turned. Both drivers were ejected from their cars.
  • Mt. Lebanon Police Department, Deer Incident Report
  • The Effect of the Deer Population on the Number of Car Accidents, Timothy J. Hallock Jr, Journal of Environmental and Resource Economics at Colby, 2016This model supports my theory that increasing the amount of female deer taken will decrease the amount of car accidents more then the amount of male deer taken. In fact, in this model the coefficient for female deer is negative, which is what we expect, however the coefficient for male deer taken is positive, suggesting that an increase in male deer taken would actually increase the number of car accidents. Additionally in this model, the effect of issuing more hunting permits is consistent with our previous model that it will decrease the amount of DVC’s. This model is in fact suggestive of our first hypothesis that the amount of deer taken can have an affect on the number of car accidents, and the Doe population is in fact more important in predicting the amount of car accidents.
  • 2 people struck, killed trying to remove deer from highway, AP, June 20, 2016 Authorities say two people have died after their vehicle hit a deer on a rural South Carolina highway and they were struck by a van as they tried to remove the deer’s body from the road.
  • Winnie Ave. on Route 9 re-opens after truck swerves into ditch, News10ABC, June 17, 2016Officials say one lane is being reopened on Winnie Ave. on Route 9 after a rollover accident. They say the driver appears fine after he swerved to miss hitting deer and lost control of the DOT truck.
  • Burlington man killed in car accident, KWQC, June 17, 2016Officers say Robinson was driving a silver 2006 Chevrolet Impala north on Highway 61 when the car hit a deer running across the road. Robinson lost control of the car and flipped into the ditch at J Avenue and Hwy 61.
  • Driver hurt after swerving to avoid deer in roadway, Fox17Online, June 12, 2016A Niles man was injured after his car rolled over when he attempted to avoid a deer Sunday morning. He was wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident and his vehicle’s airbags deployed.
  • 1 dead after driver hits deer in roll over crash, NBC10 News, June 10, 2016One person died in a rollover crash on Interstate 295 south near exit 6 in Johnston Friday morning after the driver hit a deer. Police said the driver was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the SUV after it rolled over several times and landed on the passenger side.The second and third lanes of the highway were closed shortly after the crash occurred around 5 a.m. The scene was clear as of 7:30 a.m. The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management reported that there were 92 deer-related crashes in 2014.

  • Several Car-Deer Accident Reports on Monday, Kenton, June 9, 2016The Hardin County Sheriffs Office responded to three reports of Car-Deer accidents on Monday.
  • Oh deer — when bucks stop, trouble starts for animals, motorists on Route 24, Enterprise, June 8, 2016State police advise motorists to drive straight ahead and not swerve to avoid a deer while traveling on Route 24, which could cause a more serious accident. Wednesday’s deer accident occurred on Route 24 south near Exit 15 in Bridgewater, state police said. At least five deer have been struck by motorists on Route 24 this week, said state police.
  • Deer crashes through car’s windshield, lands in passenger seat,, June 3, 2016Witnesses told police on scene the yearling had apparently bounced off one vehicle before collided with a second. The deer went through the person’s windshield, into the passenger side, and onto the floorboard.
  • Driver avoiding deer caused semi-truck wreck, chemical spill, report says,, Jun 2, 2016A semi-truck carrying hazardous material overturned in the Midland area early Thursday morning. A CPD incident reports says the driver claims that a deer ran out front of his vehicle, and as he attempted to swerve to avoid the deer, his tired made contact with the shoulder, causing it to flip and slide down the road.
  • Woman killed in I-79 crash after swerving to miss deer,, May 13, 2016State police said a 55-year-old woman was swerving to miss a deer when she ended up being killed in a crash on Interstate 79 in Marshall Township early Friday morning.
  • High school senior killed after deer crashes into car, Fox5, Atlanta, May 11, 2016The North Forsyth High School family is mourning the loss of one of their own. A freak accident killed a student set to graduate within the month. It happened Tuesday evening on Brown’s Bridge Road. The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office Trenton Basden, 18, was killed after a deer, hit by another car heading in the opposite direction, crashed through the windshield of the Honda Civic he was driving.
  • One dies in crash while trying to avoid a deer,, May 7, 2016One person dies in a crash while trying to avoid a deer in the roadway, according to the Iowa State Patrol. The Iowa State Patrol says the driver swerved to avoid a deer when he lost control of the vehicle and slid sideways off the roadway into a ditch. The car overturned coming to a rest on its top. They say two people were in the car at the time of the accident.
  • Deer on highway causes traffic crash in Lee’s Summit, Kansas City Star, April 17, 2016A 2004 Honda Pilot driven by a 25-year-old Kansas City man was westbound on the interstate when the driver swerved to avoid a deer in the roadway and struck the concrete center median, according to the Highway Patrol. The passenger was taken to a hospital with serious injuries.
  • Pedestrian hit, killed after moving deer from road in Akron, Fox 8 Cleveland, March 28, 2016Police at the scene say the victim was driving an SUV when he hit a deer. He got out of his vehicle to move the deer and was getting back into his vehicle when another SUV hit and killed him.
  • Crash kills teen after avoiding deer, WANE News, March 14, 2016A 17-year old girl died in a crash in Howe early Sunday morning. Police say the car, carrying a driver and 3 passengers, was heading east on CR 700 North when a deer ran onto the road. The passengers told police the driver attempted to avoid the deer before losing control of the vehicle and crashing into a tree.
  • Woman killed after snowmobile hits deer, crashes into tree,, March 3, 2016A 58-year-old woman was killed after her snowmobile hit a deer and then crashed into a tree. According to the Presque Isle County Sheriff’s Deparmtent, Debra Kingsley of Alpena was driving on Trail 992 when she hit a deer and then crashed into a tree. Deputies say Kingsley was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. Speed and alcohol were not involved in the incident.
  • Teen impaled by deer still facing procedures after accident, Region8ABC, March 3, 2016Over a year and half ago, a girl’s life was changed after being impaled in the face by deer antlers on Johnson Ave. in Jonesboro. The accident caused the teen to have several jaw surgeries including wiring her jaw shut. While she is doing well, there are further complications she now faces.Paragould teen Tori Winn said she never saw the deer coming and while she is still just thankful to be alive, she is reminded daily of what happened. She was covered in blood after a deer crossed 4 lanes of traffic and hit her on her driver’s side. The deer went through her window and impaled her face with its antler.

  • Deer causes early morning accident in Jackson,, Feb 5, 2016An early morning accident on Greenwood Avenue in Jackson was the result of a deer running in front of the car. The driver told our crew that he was trying to avoid hitting the deer when he ran off the road.

  • Bizarre crash ends with deer in backseat, CNN, Jan 15, 2016A driver had quite a surprise when a deer came barreling through her windshield and ended up inside her car.
  • Sedgewickville woman killed in crash in Bollinger Co., daughter in hospital, KFVS, Jan 4, 2016A woman was killed and a teen was injured when they hit a deer while driving along Highway 72 in Bollinger County on Monday evening.
  • Woman hurt in car-deer accident, Daily Tribune, Jan 10, 2016A Lapeer woman was injured in a single-vehicle crash that took place on West Sanilac Road near Townline Road Thursday evening.
  • 2 victims identified in fatal, fiery deer-vehicle crash, Fox 17 News, Jan 1, 2016Authorities have identified the men killed in a fiery deer-vehicle crash in Ingham County. The medical examiner said Thursday that 19-year-old James Huey and 22-year-old Anthony Adams II died in Bunkerhill Township last weekend after the vehicle they were in struck a deer, hit a tree and caught fire.
  • County sees 25 percent increase in deer-related car accidents,, Nov 19, 2015The sheriff’s department has already handled 73 car deer crashes this month, up 25 percent from this time last year. He said these types of crashes pose a real danger to deer and driver alike. If you can imagine hitting an object that weighs up to 200 pounds it can depending on the type of vehicle it could come through the windshield or whatever,” Skrent said.
  • Injury Collision Involving Deer Sends One to Hospital, SurfKYnews, Nov 16, 2015The preliminary investigation revealed that a passenger car was traveling east on US 60 when it struck a deer, causing it to become airborne. As the deer was airborne, it was struck by a 1996 Dodge Ram 2500 that was traveling west on US 60. The deer made entry into the cab of the pickup truck causing injury to the driver.
  • Bag a deer on the road with your car? Here’s what to do, MLive, Nov 14, 2015The first thing a driver should do is call 911. Genesee County 911 Supervisor Dave Plumb said dispatch will send an officer to the scene of the crash if the driver needs a report, and to make sure the deer isn’t suffering. Plumb said it is up to each municipality to decide how to get rid of the deer
  • Car-deer accidents on rise in mid-Michigan, Nov 13, 2016This has been a busy month for car-deer accidents in Jackson and Hillsdale Counties. On Thursday troopers from the Jackson post responded to two more accidents. That brought the total of vehicle-deer crashes to 34 for the month.
  • Why Do Deer Cross The Road? It’s A Romantic Thing And It’s Dangerous In November, Hartford Courant, Nov 11, 2015Nationally, the odds are 1 in 169, while the cost-per-claim averages $4,135.
  • There were 5,557 vehicle-deer crashes in the six Southeast Michigan counties in 2014. For the five-year period 2010-14, Oakland County had the largest average with 1,761. Also, seven of the top 10 communities with the highest five-year averages are in Oakland County.

  • Fall Most Dangerous time of Year for Deer/Vehicle Crashes, Michigan Deer Crash Coalition, Sept 21, 2015In 2014, there were 45,690 deer vehicle crashes, down from 49,205 during 2013. Oakland County had the mostdeer/vehicle crashes with 1,750 crashes. The remaining top nine were Kent (1,338), Jackson (1,279), Lapeer (1,153), Eaton (1,077), Sanilac (1,053), Clinton (1,015), Montcalm (968), Genesee (964) and Washtenaw (952).
  • Top 10 Worst Counties for Deer Accidents, MLive, Sept 21, 2015 No. 1 — Oakland County
    Oakland County reported the most vehicle-deer crashes in the state in 2014 with a total of 1,750.
    Fact: Aside from the six fatal crashes in 2014, another 1,072 motorists were injured in vehicle-deer crashes last year.
    Washtenaw County came in #10 with 952 reported vehicle-deer crashes in 2014.
    Fact: Michigan saw 45,690 vehicle-deer crashes in 2014, according to MDCC, causing around $130 million in damage.
  • Minnesota, Wisconsin drivers are hitting more deer, report finds,, Sept 19, 2015State Farm has crunched the numbers to predict odds of any Minnesota driver hitting a deer at about 1 in 81, up from 1 in 89 last year.Wisconsin drivers are even more likely to hit a deer — about 1 in 77 drivers will do it in 2015. That’s up from 1 in 85 last year.

  • Michigan Ranks Among Top 10 In Country For Car-Deer Crashes, CBS Detroit, Sept 14, 2015Michigan continues to be one of the top ten states in the country for car-deer crashes. New State Farm data shows Michigan drivers have a 1-in-97 percent chance of a hitting a deer, almost twice as high as the national average.
  • DEER INVOLVED TRAFFIC CRASH SUMMARY FOR COUNTY/COMMUNITIES 2014, 2015Ann Arbor, p. 66; 51 crashes, 1 injury
  • October and November Are Dangerous Months For Deer/Vehicle Crashes, Michigan Deer Crash Coalition, Sept 26, 2014One in every five motor vehicle crashes in Michigan involves deer. In 2013, there were 49,205 deer vehicle crashes, up from 48,918 during 2013. Oakland County had the most deer/vehicle crashes with 1,801 crashes. The remaining top nine were Jackson (1,480), Kent (1,447), Lapeer (1,229), Eaton (1,076), Montcalm (1,073), Sanilac (1,071), Calhoun (1,059), Washtenaw (1,058) and Clinton (1,056).
  • 21 Significant Deer Car Accidents Statistics, Health Research Funding, Dec 13, 20141. There are about 1.5 million car accidents with deer each year.
    2. The estimated cost of deer car accidents exceeds $1 billion annually.
    3. The number of human fatalities that occur from deer car accidents every year: an average of 150.
    4. There are an average of 10,000 personal injuries that happen from deer car accidents every year.
    5. 70% of the worst states for car deer collisions, based on the number of insurance claims that are filed, come from the US Midwest.
    6. 26% of the animals killed each year in collisions with vehicles on freeways and country roads are large animals like deer….
  • Deer hunting season means big bucks for the economy, Detroit Free Press, Nov 12, 2014Some of the economic impact of the active deer season is seen by auto repair shops. AAA Michigan says 1 in 5 crashes in Michigan involve deer and November is among the top months for such crashes. Last year, the auto club says 12 motorists were killed and 1,200 injured in crashes involving deer.
    In 2013, there were more than 49,000 such crashes. Oakland County had the most: 1,800.

    The cost of fixing car damage can easily run into the thousands of dollars. A report last year by State Farm Insurance said the average property-damage cost of deer-car incidents involving its policyholders during the last half of 2012 and the first six months of 2013 was $3,414.

  • Vehicle-Deer Crashes in Southeast Michigan, SEMCOG, 2014Deer Crashes Top 10 List by Community
    Rank Total Deer Crashes, 2011, 2012, 2013 Average for 3 years Community County
    1 430 143 Rochester Hills Oakland
    2 355 118 Scio Twp. Washtenaw
    3 ….

  • Watch for Deer all Year, brochure, Michigan Deer Crash Coalition
  • Michigan deer crashes: Oakland County is No. 1, Click on Detroit, Sep 27 2013
  • Michigan State Police – Traffic Crash Statistics for 2014, 3/13/2015952 accidents in Washtenaw; 33 resulted in injury; 0 deaths
  • Oh, deer: 50 car crashes caused by Ann Arbor herd in 2013, Mlive, Aug 18, 2014A February 2013 aerial survey found deer population densities in parts of Washtenaw County that were about four to five times more than the recommended amount.That survey, conducted by Oakland County Parks, did not include areas in the City of Ann Arbor.The following are the number of car vs. deer crashes reported to the Ann Arbor Police Department:
      – 2011: 23 crashes, 9 of which were in first seven months of the year
      – 2012: 21 crashes, 12 of which were in first seven months of the year
      – 2013: 34 crashes, 12 of which were in first seven months of the year
      – 2014: 14 crashes in the first seven months of the year

  • Vehicle-Deer Crashes, 2011-2014 Southeast Michigan, SEMCOG, 2013
  • Michigan Traffic Crash Facts- DEER 2013, MTCF Michigan Department of State Police, 2014 As a result of vehicle-deer crashes, 1,212 people were injured and 12 people were killed. Seven (58.3%) of those killed were motorcyclists.
  • REPORTED MOTOR VEHICLE-DEER CRASHES BY COUNTY IN MICHIGAN, 2013 Michigan Traffic Crash Facts for County/Communities, 2014Washtenaw had 1,058 reported deer vehicle accidents in 2013; 772 of them reported as happening on local streets, which puts us 4th, behind Oakland, Jackson and Kent Counties.
  • Michigan Deer Crash Coalition, Michigan Deer Crash Coalition
  • There were 48,918 vehicle-deer crashes in the state in 2012, down from 2011. According to the Michigan Deer Crash Coalition, however, as many as half of vehicle-deer crashes may not be reported, so actual numbers may be much higher. Last year, eight people lost their lives in deer-vehicle crashes, while another 1,329 were injured.

  • Oh, deer: 50 car crashes caused by Ann Arbor herd in 2013, MLive, Aug 18, 2014
  • New road kill legislation is signed into law, Michigan Outdoor News, Aug 14 2014
  • Ann Arbor Acts on Deer Problem, The Ann Arbor Chronicle, May 5, 2014
  • Washtenaw County Vehicle-Deer Crashes, 2010-2012, SEMCOG Information
  • Avoid Deer Crashes, Insurance Institute of Michigan
  • Deer airborne after car hits it; driver in 2nd car killed,, Jan 22, 2015SALISBURY, Md. (AP) — Maryland State Police say a driver was killed when a deer struck by another car became airborne and crashed through her windshield.
  • Oakland County Top for Deer/Vehicle Crashes: ‘Don’t Veer for Deer,’ AAA Michigan Warns, White Lake Highland Patch, November 12, 2014One in five vehicle crashes in Michigan involves deer, which are especially active during the November rut, or mating season.
  • Oakland County tops in Michigan in car-deer crashes, Oakland Press, Oct 3, 2014In October, Michigan’s 1.75 million deer are more actively moving around, increasing the likelihood car-deer crashes, especially in populated areas with more roads and more miles driven by a larger population
  • Vehicle-deer crashes on the rise in Washtenaw County, southeast Michigan, Ann Arbor News, Sept 24, 2010Scio Township had 119 vehicle-deer crashes last year, which put it at No. 1 in Washtenaw County. Rochester Hills was No. 1 in the state with 163.
  • Relationships between Lighting and Animal-Vehicle Collisions, John M. Sullivan, UMTRI, 2009In 1990, there were 106 traffic fatalities in the United States in crashes for which a collision with an animal was the first harmful event; by 2007 this level had risen to 223—a 110% increase. Analyses of annual trends suggest that this increase cannot be fully explained by increases in vehicle miles travelled, nor by changes in the general fatal and nonfatal crash rates. Animal-vehicle collisions (AVCs) represent a small but increasing share of the overall crash picture.
  • How to Avoid a Moose or Deer Collision, WikiHow
  • Vehicle/Deer Safety Begins With You, SEMCOG Brochure, 2009
  • ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS AFFECTING THE FREQUENCY AND RATE OF DEER-VEHICLE CRASHES (DVCs) IN SOUTHERN MICHIGAN, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan State University, 2006Michigan has the greatest number of reported deer vehicle collisions (DVCs) in the mid-west. An estimated 65,000 DVCs annually create total direct costs of nearly $149 million statewide. Assuming a reporting rate of approximately 47% (Marcoux 2005) total societal costs may be much greater than previously anticipated.
  • Situational and Driver Characteristics Associated with Deer-Vehicle Collisions in Southeastern Michigan, Proceedings of 11th Wildlife Damage Management Conference, 2005
  • Sharpshooting suburban white-tailed deer reduces deer–vehicle collisions, Digital [email protected] of Nebraska – Lincoln, 2008, Anthony J. DeNicola, Scott C. WilliamsToo many deer–vehicle collisions (DVCs) are one of the primary reasons local governments implement lethal deer management programs. However, there are limited data to demonstrate that a reduction in deer densities will result in a decline in DVCs. We conducted sharpshooting programs in 3 suburban communities to reduce deer numbers and to address rising DVCs. Annual or periodic population estimates were conducted using both helicopter snow counts and aerial infrared counts to assess population trends. Management efforts were conducted from 3 to 7 years. Local deer herds were reduced by 54%, 72%, and 76%, with resulting reductions in DVCs of 49%, 75%, and 78%, respectively. These projects clearly demonstrate that a reduction in local deer densities using lethal methods can significantly reduce DVCs.
  • Car-deer collision season is here and experts warn not to swerve, Washtenaw County Legal News, Oct 30, 2008. P.3 of newsletter. “Last year, there were 61,907 reported car-deer crashes in the state up from 60,875 reported the previous year. As many as half of all car-deer crashes may not be reported, so actual numbers may be much higher… Washtenaw County reported 1,169 car-deer crashes out of a total of 10,787 automobile crashes.” (over 10% of all crashes)
  • National Animal-Vehicle Crash Fatality Data, Deer Vehicle Crash Information Clearinghouse

    Old data, but Michigan shows up in top 10 states since 1995

  • How our furry friends could be costing drivers billions per year, CNBC, Jan 25, 2015Animal lovers may take umbrage, and the advice does seem horrifying. Yet a wide body of evidence suggests that motorists should actually hit animals that jump in front of their cars instead of trying to avoid them, if the driver cannot brake safely.
  • Deer/vehicle crashes likely to increase in coming weeks, The Hastings Banner, Dec 17, 2014One in every five motor vehicle crashes in Michigan involves deer. With one of the two most dangerous months for deer crashes here — October and November — a traffic safety coalition is unveiling a new video aimed at deer crash safety messages for young people.
  • Odds of hitting a deer in Minnesota? 1 in 88, State Farm says,, Sept 16, 2014Minnesota and Wisconsin drivers are more than twice as likely as the national average to hit a deer. Nationwide, there are some 212 million licensed drivers on the road and they struck a total of 1.25 million deer, for 1-in-169 odds.
    And if you do hit a deer, get ready to dig deep: State Farm says the average national cost per deer collision claim average is $3,888, up 13.9 percent from 2013, when the average was $3,414.
  • Deer crashes through semi truck cab on I-5 in Tacoma,, June 9, 2014
  • Car-deer accident numbers down in Washtenaw County as carcass debate continues, MLive, Oct 11, 2012“Our workers drag the animal to the side of the road and leave it there,” he said. “We’re left with no other option.”
    Historically, deer carcasses would be taken to gravel pits and buried by the road commission, according to Harmon, but the DNR took exception to that practice.
    Dragging dead deer to the side of the road and letting nature take its course has been standard operating procedure for more than a decade in Washtenaw County and throughout the state.

From Michigan Traffic Crash Facts – Statewide


  • Deer causes fatal crash on Hwy. 60 near Murrayville; Dahlonega man killed, WDUN, Dec 18, 2015The Georgia State Patrol said it appears a deer trying to cross Ga. Hwy. 60 (Thompson Bridge Road) caused a crash that killed a Dahlonega man and injured a Gainesville woman Friday morning.
  • Child Dies in 2-Car Deer Accident, Fox, Dec 3, 2015An 11-year-old is dead after a fiery two-car accident caused by a wandering deer.
  • Car accident involving deer injures 11-year-old girl,, Nov 24, 2015A vehicle collided with a deer Monday evening in rural Belvue in Pottawatomie County, injuring an 11-year-old girl.
  • Woman Killed in Accident Involving Deer, Two Cars,, Nov 25, 2015Troopers with the Ohio State Highway Patrol said a car heading eastbound hit a deer, causing the deer to fly through the air and slam directly into a car traveling west. The impact killed the female driver immediately, and caused the deer to go through the back windshield of the car.

  • Deer crashes through windshield, into backseat of car on Sam Rayburn Tollway in Plano, Dallas Morning News, Nov 13, 2015In video provided by the North Texas Tollway Authority, the deer is seen darting into oncoming traffic before slamming into Coleman’s Mercedes Benz. The deer bounced off his hood and shattered his windshield and sunroof. Coleman thought the deer flew over his car, but it ended up in the back seat.
  • Woman dies after car hits deer in Delaware, Action News, Nov 11, 2015 woman has died after a car struck a deer in Delaware City. The impact sent the deer through the windshield, hitting 48-year-old Jamie Episcopo in the front passenger seat.
  • Woman dies in accident after swerving to avoid deer,, Nov 7, 2015The Grant County Sheriff’s Office says, the driver, Kaila M Fouks, 25, of Lancaster and formally of Hudson, drove off the road after seeing a deer. The vehicle then drove up the embankment, struck a utility pole, and overturned. Fouks was partially ejected and was killed in the crash.

  • Troopers urge deer caution after fatal I-81 crash, ABC27 News, Nov 9, 2015Three people were killed after their car was hit from behind near Chambersburg. Police said the Nissan became disabled on the roadway when it struck a deer. “The Nissan Sentra burst into flames, caught on fire, and was pushed into the median, and all occupants of the vehicle were killed,” Trooper Rob Hicks said.
  • Woman dies in accident after swerving to avoid deer,, Nov 7, 2015The Grant County Sheriff’s Office says, the driver, Kaila M Fouks, 25, of Lancaster and formally of Hudson, drove off the road after seeing a deer. The vehicle then drove up the embankment, struck a utility pole, and overturned. Fouks was partially ejected and was killed in the crash.
  • Crash involving deer causes morning traffic mess on I-664, NewsChannel3, Oct 30, 2015Suffolk, Va. – A crash involving five cars and a deer shut down I-664 southbound near the Monitor Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel early Friday morning.

  • Four women killed in Nebraska crash when SUV swerves to avoid deer, Reuters, Oct 25, 2015Four women with ties to Creighton University in Nebraska were killed when their compact SUV swerved to avoid a deer and crossed the centerline on a state highway, where it was struck broadside by a mid-sized SUV, police said on Sunday.
  • Residents most likely to hit deer with car between October and December, Southern Illinoisan, Oct 12, 2015While there are some things smart driving skills one can employ to avoid a deer, it’s largely a numbers game. State Farm pegs the odds of an Illinois driver hitting a deer at 1 in 199, odds that fell in 2013 but that went up slightly in 2014 and 2015 cycles (State Farm collects data from June 30 to July 1 on 12-month cycles).It was in 2009 that the state adopted recommendations from the Joint Task Force on Deer Population Control, created by the General Assembly to address a continued rise in deer-vehicle accidents. The task force’s key recommendation was establishing the objective for measuring the status of the Illinois deer population based on deer-vehicle collisions rates, with the rate based on the number of accidents per billion vehicle miles traveled. That status is then used to determine herd management practices such as whether a particular county is open to a late-winter antlerless season, and how many firearm permits are issued.Fatalities are rare in vehicle-deer collisions – the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimates roughly 200 deaths per year – but the price tag can be steep to repair damage to a car. State Farm pegged the average claim at $4,135 nationwide between July 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015. State Farm estimates, based on industry-wide claims data, are far higher than actual reported accidents for Illinois by IDOT. For example, State Farm estimated 38,969 accidents between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014. While not a true comparison because the state’s numbers are computed on a calendar year, IDOT reported 15,354 accidents this past year, less than half of what State Farm estimated.

  • Person killed in crash involving a deer, CIProud, Sept 23, 2015One person is dead following an early morning crash in Fulton County. Police say their preliminary investigation indicated a deer ran in front of her vehicle, sending it air born. It ended up in the eastbound lane crashing through the windshield of a vehicle driven by Timothy Myers, 39, of Cuba. Police say Ricky Windsor, 50, of Cuba died on impact with the deer.

  • Data: Iowa drivers now more likely to hit deer, KCCI Des Moines, Sept 15, 2015According to State Farm claims data, Iowa drivers are more than 13 percent more likely to collide with a deer than they were last year. State Farm reports the odds drivers will hit a deer in Iowa are now 1 in 68, compared to the national odds of 1 in 169.
  • 6 Things to Do After Hitting a Deer, State Farm, Aug 26, 2015State Farm estimates over 1.25 million auto-deer collision claims occurred in the U.S. between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015. These accidents were costly for drivers, with a national cost per claim average of $4,135.
  • UDOT considers new deer deterrent for safer roads,, July 16, 2015There were 65 percent fewer deer carcasses in the areas where they put a white cloth bag over the reflectors simply as a control for their test. The reflectors, however, were 32 percent more effective than the posts when they were covered with black bags, also part of the control.
  • New Jersey State Trooper Killed After Patrol Car Hits Deer, New York Times, May 30, 2015A New Jersey State Police trooper was killed early Saturday after his patrol car struck a deer and veered off a highway in Monmouth County, the authorities said.
    His partner, Trooper Gene Hong, 29, who was in the passenger seat, was treated for cuts and a neck injury from the crash.
  • Just Hit the Damn Deer: Expert advice about how to drive safely among North America’s most dangerous animals, The Slate, Jan 4, 2015White-tailed deer are the deadliest animals in North America. Every year an estimated 1.25 million deer-vehicle crashes result in about 150 human fatalities, more than 10,000 injuries, and insurance payouts approaching $4 billion… Assuming everyone’s unharmed, the next issue is the deer. If it’s injured but still alive, it will need to be euthanized—not just to end its suffering, but also to make sure it doesn’t get back up and stumble out into traffic.
  • When a deer crashes into your auto insurance, Bankrate, 2014The crashes also have become more expensive, averaging nearly $3,900 per claim, up 13.9 percent from 2013, State Farm says.
  • Deer falls from overpass, lands on family’s van, Chicago Tribune, May 27, 2014The deer, which a witness said hurtled to the interstate from an overpass, slammed through the windshield of Conner’s vehicle, striking her and her son and ending up with its head in the center console and its body extending into the back seat.
  • Bicyclist recovering after being T-boned by deer, Pittsburgh Action News, April 17,2014Allen Kinkead has a broken neck, nine broken ribs, a bruised lung and a concussion after a deer slammed into him while he was riding his bike Sunday.
  • Deerly Departed: All the Hot Deer-On-Car Data You Can Handle, Car and Driver, Feb 2013The five most dangerous
    states account for 34 percent of all deer-vehicle collisions. The five least dangerous, just 0.4 percent. (Michigan is one of the five)
  • Assessing Vehicle-Related Mortality of Mule Deer in Utah, Thesis, 1-1-2013I estimated that 2-5 %of the statewide deer population was killed in vehicle collisions annually.
  • When a deer crashes into your auto insurance, Bankrate, 2013
  • Vehicle and Deer Collisions – Will Insurance Cover It?, Gaudette Insurance Agency, Nov 12, 2013If you hit a deer, the claim will usually be paid by the comprehensive coverage of your car insurance policy. Even though the accident with the deer wasn’t your fault, you still will have to pay your comprehensive deductible amount.
    If, however, you swerve to avoid contact with the deer and end up running into another vehicle or object (such as a tree or guardrail), the collision portion of your policy will apply.
  • Car-deer collisions keep West Michigan insurance adjustors busy in November, November 13, 2012In Michigan, Kent County is “ground zero” for car-deer accidents. There were 1,750 car-deer accidents in Kent County last year, according to Michigan State Police figures. Those accidents included one fatal accident in 2011, 75 injuries and 1,681 cases of property damage. Michigan ranks fourth in the nation in car-deer collisions, according to State Farm estimates. In Michigan, there were nearly 98,000 claims in the past year, meaning one out of every 72.4 drivers is likely to hit a deer this year.
  • Car and Deer Collisions Cause 200 Deaths, Cost $4 Billion a Year, Insurance Journal, Oct 24, 2012
  • Heightened awareness of deer needed,, St Mary’s County Government, Southern Maryland, October 8, 2014There are many articles similar to this from states and communities. Unless they contain additional, useful information, I will not add them to this page
  • New Jersey Deer Culling Program Decreases Roadkills, Outdoor Life, Aug 24, 2012Officials in Bernards Township, New Jersey instituted a municipal deer culling program more than 10 years ago. Bernards was one of the first townships to take an active approach to manage the deer population by implementing the culling program and the results speak for themselves. During the first year of the program in 2000-01 there were 289 vehicle crashes involving deer in the township. Fast forward to the 2011-12 season, and a record low of 89 deer/vehicle collisions were recorded — that’s a decrease of nearly 70% since the program took effect.
  • Methods to Identify and Prioritize Deer-Vehicle Crash Locations, Deer Vehicle Crash Information Clearinghouse, June 2011This project was funded by the Deer-Vehicle Crash Information and Research Center (DVICR) Center Pooled Fund. The project focused on the methods used to identify, predict, and/or prioritize the location of deer-vehicle crash “hot spots”
  • Deer-Vehicle Crash, Ecological, and Economic Impacts of Reduced Roadside Mowing, Deer Vehicle Crash Information Clearinghouse, May 2012The primary goal of this project was to learn more about potential safety, ecological, and economic impacts of reduced roadside mowing, to identify and describe roadside vegetation management policies currently in place throughout the United States, and to quantify DVC impacts of reduced roadside mowing.
  • In Illinois, new ‘roadkill bill’ takes effect; in Wisconsin, lawmakers consider measure to change its policies, Council of State Governments Midwest, Feb 2012 In most Midwestern states, if a motorist kills a deer, that person can keep the carcass if he or she gets permission and a tag. About 15 percent of deer kills in the Midwest are taken by the motorist, according to the Deer-Vehicle Crash Center. In Wisconsin, it costs the state about $1 million annually to collect larger animals such as the 35,000 deer and 150 bears that are killed on the road, so allowing the harvest of these would reduce state expenditures.
  • Blue Line train hits deer, Chicago Tribune, October 26, 2011The O’Hare-bound train hit the deer at 3:16 a.m. and was stopped for 13 minutes, said CTA spokeswoman Catherine Hosinski. Crews removed the carcass from along the right of way, she said.
  • Roadkill Observation Collection System (ROCS) Support ProjectDeer Vehicle Crash Information Clearinghouse, January 2012The purpose of ROCS is to identify areas with high number of WVCs (wildlife-vehicle collisions) via a spatial cluster analysis, can be used to conduct cost-benefit analyses for mitigation, and has the potential for other useful evaluations.
  • Deer prove dangerous to airports and pilots, PBS NewsHour, Sept 24, 2014From 1990 to 2013, there were 1,088 collisions between planes and deer, elk, moose and caribou, according to a recent joint report by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Agriculture Department. Most of the planes suffered damage, and some were destroyed, the report said. One person was killed and 29 others injured. The vast majority of collisions involved white-tailed deer.
  • Wildlife-Vehicle Collision Reduction Study: Report to Congresss, Aug 2008, US Department of TransportationThis national study details the causes and impacts of wildlife-vehicle collisions and identifies potential solutions to this growing safety problem. This Report to Congress focuses on tools, methods, and other measures that reduce the number of collisions between vehicles and large wildlife, such as deer, because these accidents present the greatest safety danger to travelers and cause the most damage.
  • An Ecological Landscape Study of Deer-Vehicle Collisions in Kent County, Michigan, Kent County Road Commission, 2004Kent County, Michigan exemplifies this human-wildlife conflict, reporting the highest number of white-tailed deer–vehicle collisions of any county in Michigan for several years running. In 2001 alone, 2327 DVCs were reported in Kent County, accounting for 3.5% of the Michigan total. Confronted with the dilemma of high numbers of deer-vehicle collisions and their associated costs, and presented with an opportunity for a landscape analysis provided by an existing geographical information system (GIS), the Michigan State Police and Kent County Road Commission undertook a multi-year study of patterns of deer-vehicle collisions (DVCs). None of the mitigative techniques in this project produced any measurable
    reduction of numbers of deer-vehicle collisions.
  • The Oh Deer! Theme

    • Oh deer! Drivers beware: June is the worst month for crashes with deer, Fox News, Channel 6, Milwaukee, June 8, 2014
    • Oh, Deer: November Most Dangerous Month for Deer-Car Collisions, Kicking Tires, 2012
    • Oh, Deer! Crashes Involving Deer Highest During Fall Months, Allstate, 09/17/2013
    • Allstate auto claim data shows 38% of claims from animal collisions occur in the last three months of the year with more than 13,000 recorded animal strikes in the month of November. Allstate customers’ average national repair cost from a vehicle collision with an animal is around $2,800.

    • Oh Deer! Pleasant Ridge and Hazel Park Get Unusual Visitors, Oakland County 115, July 4, 2014
    • OH DEER! Avoid the Bucks to Save Big Bucks on Collision Repairs, St Louis Area Carstar, 2013
    • Large-Scale Model-Based Assessment of Deer-Vehicle Collision Risk, PLOSone, Feb 2012Our newly proposed roe-deer–vehicle collision index provides valuable information about roe deer populations and a foundation for obtaining more precise ecological information on the deer.
    • Deer have Michigan on the run, Bridge, Oct 25, 2011
        Michigan now has about 1.7 million deer, according to DNR estimates. That’s slightly above the state’s current population goal of 1,567,000 deer; and it’s 51 percent larger than in 1937, when the DNR’s first deer biologist began to talk about the “deer problem,” according to state records. Michigan now has about 1.7 million deer, according to DNR estimates. That’s slightly above the state’s current population goal of 1,567,000 deer; and it’s 51 percent larger than in 1937, when the DNR’s first deer biologist began to talk about the “deer problem,” according to state records.

        A Department of Natural Resources map shows the relative density of the state’s deer population. Counties in darker shades have higher densities of deer. Note the contrast between the lower densities of the Upper Peninsula and the higher ones near Michigan’s urbanized areas. Dennis Fijalkowski, executive director of the Michigan Wildlife Conservancy, said the massive deer herd has enormous influence over the health of forests and woodlots, which support a vast array of wildlife.

        “If you care about birds and like watching birds, what happens with deer affects the birds that you love so much,” Fijalkowski said. “It’s an integrated web of life and it’s out of balance; deer are one of the few species that has the ability to destroy its own environment.” Hordes of majestic deer are wreaking havoc in numerous areas of Michigan by stripping the undergrowth from forests and eating residential gardens.

        Motorists also are in the crosshairs: Deer smashed into Michigan vehicles an average of 153 times each day in 2010.A Department of Natural Resources map shows the relative density of the state’s deer population. Counties in darker shades have higher densities of deer. Note the contrast between the lower densities of the Upper Peninsula and the higher ones near Michigan’s urbanized areas. Dennis Fijalkowski, executive director of the Michigan Wildlife Conservancy, said the massive deer herd has enormous influence over the health of forests and woodlots, which support a vast array of wildlife.

    • Oh Deer: States With the Most Collisions, ABC News, Oct 2010

      Michigan comes in #3

    • Human deaths in crashes with animals can be cut even if crashes aren’t, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Highway Loss Data Institute, 2005Twenty percent of the crashes involved multiple vehicles. In half of these, the struck animal became airborne and went through the windshield of an oncoming vehicle. The other crashes resulted in deaths when the vehicles that struck animals then hit other vehicles or a second vehicle struck the animal and then ran off the road.

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