Arkansas hunter dies after deer he shot got back up and attacked him, officials say, USAToday, Oct 24, 2019“Evidently, it got up and attacked him and he was gored several times,” Stephens said. Stephens said the accident is not an isolated incident. In 2016, another hunter was gored by a buck in Ashley County in southern Arkansas.

Deer crashes through window of Wantage home, New Jersey Herald, Jan 20, 2019Denise Minimi, of Wantage, awoke to an especially bizarre sight early Saturday morning: A deer running through several rooms in the first floor of her house, resulting in dirt, blood and broken glass scattered throughout the residence. After several minutes of commotion, the animal left by crashing through another window, the same manner by which it had entered the home.

Sex-crazed deer tries to stab Oklahoma pastor with antlers, video shows, Kansas City Star, Nov 9, 2018Oklahoma pastor Travis Hurst was attacked on video by a rutting deer while working in the woods for church. The buck rammed him and would not give up, forcing him to wrestle with its antlers before it left.

Woman’s Attempt To Feed Wild Buck Ends In Vicious Backyard Attack, WLNY, Nov 7, 2018“Male deer can be a little anxious and maybe overbearing,” she said. “It’s a buck, these things are about 200 pounds, they’re solid muscle,” said Tyler. “Someone can be seriously injured if you don’t give them the respect they deserve.”

Video shows trail of destruction left behind by deer that ran through Upstate bank, WYFF News, Oct 30, 2018The deer left a trail of blood on the floor and walls. Riley said employees in the bank hid behind desks and inside offices while the deer ran through the bank for about 30 minutes. It also knocked a hole in a wall in one of the offices, the video showed.

‘They hit me with their hooves’: Woman says she was attacked by 4 deer in yard, CTV News, Sept 5, 2018Picard said she heard a loud commotion in the backyard of her home in Oak Bay, a suburb of Victoria, on Monday. When she went outside, she saw a herd of deer trapped inside her yard. The animals had managed to barge through her back gate door to entry to the yard, but the door had swung shut behind them. “They hit it [the gate] with their hooves. Bang, bang, bang, bang,” Picard told CTV Vancouver Island on Tuesday.
When Picard attempted to reopen the gate for the deer to escape, she said she was trampled by four of the adults.“They hit me with their hooves,” she said. “I feel like I’ve been punched, like some sort of punching bag.”
It’s just the latest incident involving deer on Vancouver Island. Last week, a woman in Comox, B.C. was pinned by a deer in her yard after she tried to help the animal that had become entangled in some netting.

Attack of the Peachtree City deer without fear, The Citizen, July 11, 2018That view changed on July 1. Karri was sitting on the back deck when her chihuahua went into the back yard. The yard is not fenced and the lawn is 20-30 feet from the wooded area behind the house.
Karri said a doe ran into the yard and began attacking the small dog, trampling it over and over with its front hooves. The chihuahua survived the attack and Karri incurred $1,200 in vet bills as a result.
Karri’s other dog, a dachshund/cocker mix that weighs 20-25 pounds was attacked in the yard on July 5 and trampled in the same manner, though it did not sustain injuries as severe as those in the first attack. Karri said the doe did not run when the woman ran into the yard to break up the attack. The doe left the area only when Karri was a few feet from it.

Minnesota Dog Fatally Attacked by Aggressive Deer, US News, June 13, 2018Wilson said she let her dog out without noting a doe was in her yard. Pepper barked and ran toward the deer, which rose up onto its hind legs and beat the dog with its hooves.

Mentor-on-the-Lake woman reports deer attack, News Herald, June 7, 2016Frost called police twice about the doe, whose fawn has been living under brush in her back yard. She said she is afraid to go outdoors or to take out her three small dogs without supervision. She asked police to assist once. Other times, she has a neighbor stand by with a baseball bat.

When Animals Strike: Deer Attack!, Animal Planet

Man, family dog recovering after deer attack in Draper, Fox 13, Feb 9, 2016The caller said her father was in their backyard when he was confronted by a buck Mule deer that had just injured the family dog, according to a press release from Draper City Police Department.

When Animal Services Supervisor Dennis Wilson arrived on scene, he found the man lying on the ground with the deer pushing its antlers down into him. The family dog suffered severe puncture wounds and underwent emergency surgery to repair two tears in his chest wall.

Debate intensifies in area after buck kills family dog, Toledo Blade, Nov 18, 2015On Saturday, a 9-year-old Bouvier des Flanders dog was attacked and killed by a 10-point buck on Isha Laye Way in Toledo, near Ottawa Hills.The dog was let into the backyard at about 6:45 p.m. Owner noticed a doe and a buck in the yard. When the buck saw Quincy, it lowered its head and gored the 110-pound dog in the side. The dog took three steps before collapsing. The entire sequence took no more than 30 seconds.

Both deer then jumped a chain-link fence and ambled into a neighbor’s yard and ate out of a bird feeder.

Listen to 911 tapes: Deer attacks family, leaving one with severe injuries,, Oct 22, 2015 An aggressive buck began attacking several people at a home on the 5900 block of Branham Road. Deputies said when they arrived on the scene, they found a man standing in the back of a pickup truck pointing at a deer standing next to the vehicle. When the deputies got out of their patrol cars, the deer apparently began getting aggressive with them, forcing them to put the animal down.

VIDEO: Deer Attacks Woman, The Weather Channel, July 14, 2014A Pennsylvania woman was taking pictures of a deer in front of a nearby liquor store when the deer attacked her.

Rabid Deer Attacks Pennsylvania Woman, Outdoorhub, July 7, 2014It is uncommon for deer to contract rabies, especially in comparison to animals such as raccoons, bats, and skunks. Deer with rabies may appear to be irritable and be prone to convulsions or frothing at the mouth. Deer with rabies lose their fear of humans and may even act aggressively, as was the case with the animal that attacked McGough.

Deer leaps on top of woman at D.C. bus stop, knocks her out, ABC News, May 23, 2014

Deer can be a danger to pets and children, especially when there are young around.

Stories and videos follow:

  • YouTube, Jul 23, 2010

    • Deer Attacks Dog in Oak Bay (CTV News)
      YouTube, May 28, 2012

    • Woman ‘in shock’ after deer attacks her outside home, Fox 8, Cleveland, OH, June 30, 2014

      Deer attack victims call on City Hall to take urban deer issue more seriously, Kenora Daily Miner and News, June 22, 2013Then without warning, the deer charged the ladies and the dog who had stopped to let the deer cross the road. “It all happened so fast. I knew she was after me because I had the dog and I ran to the tree to get some distance between me and her and she chased me around the tree … I was dragging my dog because she was petrified,” said Dingwall.
      According to the women, the deer went up on its hind legs and began attacking with its front hooves as they tried to fight it off.

      Baby narrowly saved from deer attack, dog trampled, News Manitoba, June 02, 2011

      White-taied deer attacking humans during the fawning season: a unique human–wildlife conflicton a university campus, University of Nebraska – Lincoln [email protected] of Nebraska – Lincoln, 4/1/2009

      Bend Dog Attacked by Deer in Backyard, KTVZ News, June 26, 2012

      Deer with rabies kicks LaVale woman in the face, CTN, July 16, 2012The last thing Theresa Stevens expected to happen July 6 was to be kicked in the face by a deer, especially a deer that had rabies. Stevens said she had let her Yorkie out of the house at 6 a.m. when she looked up and found herself nose to nose with a deer. It stood up on its back legs and hit me in the cheek with one hoof and on the shoulder with the other.

      City Hopes to Address Urban Deer Attacks, Berkley, July 9, 2010She never expected to be charged by a female doe half a block from her home on Capistrano and Colusa avenues May 6. A marked rise in the “urban” deer population has led to three separate incidents of wild deer attacks on dogs and humans within the last year, according to city officials, and the city is looking to alleviate the situation.

      Three Injured In Deer Attack On SIU’s Carbondale Campus,, May 24, 2006A year after the normally docile creatures attacked seven people on a university campus here, the deer have turned bullish again. Three people were attacked by deer within minutes of each other Tuesday on a footpath at Southern Illinois University, police said Wednesday. One doe probably was responsible for all three attacks.

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