Pedestrian attacks

Deer tramples man in a McDonald’s parking lot, CNN, Jan 31, 2020In surveillance video Worthy posted, Ken leads the way to their car in the parking lot with his wife, Deanne, following closely behind.
Ken looks to his right, sees the deer and looks directly at it. Showing no sign of stopping, the deer runs right over him, knocking him down. After a quick beat or two on the ground, Ken rolls to his feet and jumps back up. The deer didn’t stop.

Deer gores unarmed hunter to death, New York Post, Nov 7, 2017Police said the 62-year-old hunter was serving as a beater, helping corner the game, when the deer charged at him in an “uncommon” attack.(France)

Watch as Cross Country Runner Collides With Deer, Finishes Race, WNEP16, Nov 17, 2016Justin DeLuzio, a Gwynedd Mercy University senior, was running in an 8k race on the DeSales race route just after noon when at least 10 deer ran into a line of runners from their left, and one of them hit.

Woman attacked by injured 10 point buck in West Michigan, Thumbnet, Nov 18, 2015 A woman was attacked by an injured buck in the Grand Rapids area. When the deer lunged at Hoekstra, she says she grabbed its antlers and threw it on the ground, but the animal thrashed until it had her pinned. Hoekstra struggled with the deer for about 30 minutes until backup arrived. A firefighter held down the buck while a sheriff’s deputy killed it.

Deer strikes pedestrian at D.C. bus stop, WTOP, May 23, 2014The woman was taken to the hospital with serious injuries after the deer knocked her down at a bus step near Alabama Avenue SE and Naylor Road SE about 9 a.m., according to D.C. Fire & EMS.

Teen Saves Others from Deer Attack … Using a Hammer, Readers Digest, Feb 2013 Alexis realized the buck was attacking a woman. Sue Panter, a 44-year-old mother of four, had been out for her morning run. The buck had emerged from the tall corn and begun following her.

When the Vaughans pulled up, the buck was tossing Sue like a rag doll. Alexis looked into the woman’s terrified eyes, and before her father had even stopped the car, the five-four, 104-pound teenager bolted out of the car and down the slope toward the buck. “I was kicking and punching it to get its attention,” she says. The animal was undeterred by the pounding.

Deer attacks B.C. man in city street, CBCNews, July 14, 2010A newspaper carrier in Cranbrook, B.C., is front-page news in the same paper he delivers after he was attacked by a deer while doing his rounds. The deer “head-butted” him and then stomped on him, causing a gash on his chin that required eight stitches to close and giving him a black eye, Jones said.

Ashland deer roam city, attack citizens,, July 12, 2010The Ashland Daily Tidings reports that dozens of deer are roaming the southern Oregon city. Several have attacked people who were walking their dogs, and one recently crashed through the window of Nimbus, a high-end clothing store downtown.

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