Non-Lethal study

Ann Arbor provided $35K to study non-lethal options.

July 19, 2016
Derek Delacourt, City of Ann Arbor … Bob McGee A2 Residents for Non-Lethal Deer Management … Dr. Anthony DeNicola (Phone) Founder/President White Buffalo

    The intent of the meeting was to discuss the services White Buffalo provides related to deer management. The company was mentioned on several occasions with the MDNR, MSU and residents as one that had the background and experience to assist with a non lethal fertility control project. The conference call was to gain better understand of what White Buffalo does and how they operate.

    Meeting Summary WB Call

July 12, 2016
Derek Delacourt, City of Ann Arbor … Bob McGee A2 Residents for Non-Lethal Deer Management

    The intent of the meeting was to meet with the MDNR and MSU about a possible research project involving non-lethal deer management
    techniques in the City of Ann Arbor, specifically chemical contraception or infield ovariectomy.

    Meeting Summary WB Call

    MDNR Permit:
    It is not illegal to issue a permit to chemically sterilize or perform an ovariectomy on deer in the State of Michigan. However, the MNDR does not allow either method and will not issue a permit unless accompanied by an accepted research proposal. The MDNR will consider a permit from A2 to perform surgical sterilization of deer or administer Porcine Zona Pallucida (PZP), an immunocontraceptive vaccine, if it is presented as a research proposal. That proposal may be narrower in scope than projects considered by MSU. The possibility of the City partnering with an entity other than a University to submit the permit and was deemed acceptable, if the MDNR agreed with the scope of the proposal. The MDNR was clear that a permit to conduct surgical sterilization or administer PZP would not be approved without a research proposal. The MDNR permit would be issued annually.

    Surgical Sterilization/Immunocontraception:
    The use of PZP can only be conducted in partnership with the US Humane Society. They are currently the only agency authorized to make the drug available. Deer must be treated twice for the contraception to be effective, the initial dose plus a booster 6 months later. Contraception is 80% effective. The darting of the deer must be done at a close range, 40-50 yards. This process provides long-term reduction in the deer herd and is often used to stabilize herd numbers. Culling obviously provides instantaneous reduction in herd size.

    It was noted by Drs. Rudolph and Porter that it will be more difficult to approach deer after culling or darting programs begin. This is due to the fact that deer that escape culling or have been darted will learn to become leery of humans and will not be as approachable. This will increase future costs and efforts to implement either program.


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